Marshall Allman Previews "Game-Changing New Animal" on True Blood

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Tommy Mickens isn't a bad guy. He just doesn't know how to be a good one.

That's what Marshall Allman tells TV Guide in a new interview, analyzing his character on True Blood and saying "he wants to be loved." Hence, his current living arrangement with Hoyt's mother.

"Everything Tommy's doing, he's always trying to do it for good," Allman says. "He thinks he's doing something right and he's justified in some way... Sam and Tommy are trying to see if one another is trustworthy to be brothers. That's what we're working toward."

Marshall Allman as Tommy

Look for a couple major events to affect the siblings' reconciliation attempt, though:

  1. A new shapeshifting discovery will shake things up: "All of the animals have been kind of non-consequential, but the new animal is going to be game-changing."
  2. Sam's past will return to haunt him.

In the end, Allman says his character will "get what he deserves," while offering fans the following season finale tease: "Nobody's safe in Bon Temps."

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agree with joe, it's luna the skinwalker, they are talking abt


since both godric and talbot died do you think it's possibel to get a new guy on the show to be eric's romantic love intrest how about daniel gillies he was on the show before and i think he will be perfect for it i hope it wont interfre with him being a series reguler on the vampire diaries sookies a human not gonna happen eric because she can really die being around vampire's all the time.


Hmm, I think Luna may be stirring things up if she really can shift into people. I guess that could be the new "animal" but who knows.

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