Necessary Roughness Review: "Poker Face"

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Between her job and her kids, Dr. Dani's life is never dull. But when thugs show up at her door, a gorgeous blonde moves in on Matt, and her kids are arrested, I'm betting she'd be happy to be bored.

"Poker Face" brings us Matt's ex - and Dani can't stop squinting. Nico says it's her tell when she doesn't like someone. It's either that or Dani needs sunglasses to block the light reflecting off Laura's perfectly blonde hair and perky smile.

Smiling TK

Yet Dani continues to push Matt away. Unfortunately, you can only do that to someone so many times before they take the hint and stop trying. I'm not sure if Matt's at that point, but his willing ex is anxious to show him the way.

Then there's Nico.

As soon as he hears about the thugs at Dani's door, he's taking care of things. He assures her they won't be back, and in the meantime, he has a guard on her house. 

I know Nico's the one who sent Jason to Dani, so he's probably feeling a little guilty for the fallout, but he certainly seems to have a protective streak when it comes to the good doctor.

So Dani's got Matt, the gorgeous trainer who's yearning for her on one hand and Nico, the intriguing and protective fixer on the other.  Don't you wish you had such problems?

Back on the home front, Dani's kids are in trouble... again. Every week there's some new debacle for these two to fall into. I agree with Lindsey. I'm tired of seeing Ray J get away with murder, but even when he gets caught, Dani doesn't seem all that angry. Lindsey usually gets more of her wrath. Perhaps it's a mother/daughter thing.

TK continues to play the bad boy and does nothing but joke about his ankle bracelet. I suppose when you've got his money, you just move the party to your place.

And I like how Dani can hold her own at a poker table. For once, having a degenerate gambler for a mother comes in handy.

So, are you as tired of the teenage angst as I am? Maybe we can ship the kids off to their dad's for an episode or two. And if you had to choose a love interest for Dani, would it be Matt or Nico?


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Go Nico mysterious and goodlooking


Team Nico!
in the beginning the whole matt dani thing was cute but recently Nico has shown so much more spark with dani that they cannot not end up together!


Oh, so-Nico!!!!! There's something intense about him. I fell in love in the very first episode. Plus, he's got a nice protective side to him. Matt is dull, I don't really see how he and D would work. He's just... too simple for my taste. ;-)


team nico all the way
fell in love with him in the first episode and the development of his character is one of the amazing ones i watched in tv and i watched a lot of tv


I kind of liked Matt's (ex)girlfriend. She and Dani didn't get along at first, and I do not see them becoming friends, but they had a few moments there - looking at the girls on the cellphone - that was pretty funny. And the two actresses had really good timing and chemistry. It would be funny to see an ep where the two of them have dinner and Matt gets nervous about them comparing notes.


Since the first ep I've thought Nico was the better choice (of course, I loved him on Gilmore Girls, and I couldn't stand Marc Blucas on Buffy, so that might have something to do with it). I like matt, but I love nico. However, I see more of a close friendship/peer relationship between them, for now. Matt is fun enough to introduce her back to that world, and still somewhat a friend. The one thing no one has considered - we don't know much about Nico, a tidbit or two per ep - he could actually be married or in a relationship. He seems like he would keep that part of his life very private. I do pick up on a spark between them, though.
Oh, and the kids - obnoxious, somewhat boring, spoiled, pains in the ass - isn't that a pretty realistic portrial of teens? And I don't think Ray Jay gets off easier, he just doesn't get caught. It's hard to punish a kid who you can't prove did anything wrong. They are a pain and I could do with a bit less screen time for both of them, but I think they do demonstrate the normal American family.


I have to say at the beginning of the series I was all about Dani and Matt but Nico has started to grow on me. Give it about 2 more episodes of Nico being protective, dangerous, mysterious, and hella cute and I will be completely on Team Nico.


NICO!!! I am so glad I"m not the only one who thinks this =)


dr. dani needs to be with nico


I genuinely think it's cute that Dani and Matt have this thing going on between them, but I'd have to go with Nico.
I think the one night stand thing kind of gave Matt a somewhat shallow character and just look-at-me-I'm-pretty view of him that only makes you slightly curious; but Dani's ultimatum in the beginning kind of gives a standoff-ish vibe to the entire idea.
I have to say I'm also noticing an increase of interaction between Nico and Dani on-screen. Even with him not having much faith in her from the start, I think he's warming up to her.

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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Officer: At 75 miles per hour, no problem. At 150, big problem.
TK: I was...150. The dealer said this thing could go 200. This thing is broken. I'm taking it back.

Dani: Everyone has a dark side.
Laura: Not one I can't spin.