Rizzoli & Isles Episode Promo: A Surrogate Scandal

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Rizzoli & Isles is back for season two, and officially a series receiving the full TV Fanatic treatment. Did you read our review of last week's premiere?

Looking ahead, Jane and Maura will be relaxing at a spa on Monday's "Living Proof." But the vacation will be interrupted when a pregnant woman, serving as a surrogate, is found dead. Time to get out of the tub and on to the case, women!

Check out the official preview now:

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The baby has anywhere from a 25 to a 75% chance of being a type O baby. The writers should have checked their genetics facts. This was a HUGE mistake in writing.


PH and Aurorah, that's not medical school level knowledge, seriously, that's 10th grade biology, I teach it. I don't plan on ever watching the show again.


You need to fire your writers, or at least your fact checkers, I was a big fan of the show until "Dr. Isles", your supposedly brilliant medical examiner fucked up the blood typing of your dead mother and premie this week. A type O baby is VERY possible, possibly even probable from a type A mother.


I saw this too and was completely confused as I am A+ and my daughter is O+. Don't they have a doctor on staff they run medical stuff by? That was a pretty big plot hole. I could drive a semi through it.


Saw tonite's show ( July 18) about the surrogate's murder. DR Isles says the murdered woman couldn't possibly be the mother of the baby she was pregnant with...because her blood was type A & the baby's O pos. Well guess what, I'm A neg & both my babies & my husband are O Pos. Some body needs to go back to med school, if I heard that right. I can assure every one I have the correct babies, I watched them being born.. etc etc

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