I must be getting old. Right now retirement sounds great.


Your brain isn't what I love about you. What I love about you is you took my mother in so now I don't have to.


It's not the surgery that scares me. I guess I'm just afraid of what will happen if it doesn't work.


I didn't ask you to do this.


A sportings good store? What are they selling? Rare snakeskin baseball gloves?


CJ: I'm not intense. I have passion.
Jane: Passion got you into anger management?
CJ: Sometimes you just want to punch someone.

Are you neural retraining or Kent retraining?


And there it is. The condescending detective tone.

Postal Inspector

Vince: Guess we're rooting for this one not to be a suicide.
Jane: Wishing for murder. That's a first.

ZombieCon was the first place I felt normal. People weren't starting at me. I was finally going to talk to her.


Maura: Another slip.
Kent: No, no. You just misspoke.
Maura: Or I'm losing it.

Jared: That guy? Really?
Jane: What about him?
Jared: That's the cop who came to my house.