Rizzoli & Isles

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Rizzoli and isles
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What you call discretion I call obstruction of a criminal investigation.


It looks like Hello Kitty threw up on My Little Pony.


Do you doubt my ability to make forensics fun?


Men in kimonos make me nervous.


Jane: What, our killer's a zombie?
Korsak: Could be fun. Probably wouldn't have to morandise him or anything.

I bet a fancy investment firm has air conditioning.


Hanging out with dead bodies is not really my thing so I vote for solving the crime and going home.


Raising my mother's a lot harder than I thought.


Angela: You could always take care of yourself, Jane. Go ahead, go knock 'em dead.
Jane: I'm a homicide detective, Ma. They're already dead.

I hate the fact that you have a job where you can get hurt so easily.


Sometimes your blatant disregard for the rules works to my advantage.


This is usually when Jane says get to the point before she's overcome with the urge to strangle me with her bare hands.

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Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

Maura: You still have pain?
Jane: No, I just like saying ow.

Even you would look bad if a bullet had gone through you.