Rookie Blue Sneak Preview: Setting Up a Sting

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Luke and Andy ran into some serious problems on Thursday's episode of Rookie Blue. Will their relationship survive another week?

That will be the question heading into "Stung," the July 21 installment that focuses on a sting operation inside a local car dealership. Look for Dov and Chris to be placed in a life and death situation on the episode, and also for tension between Luke and Jo to boil over.

What will be the result? Tune in. Find out. And watch the following promo for a fun tease:

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This show is amazing and It really snuck up on me. I just happened upon it and I'm so glad I did. I don't watch much tv but this isn't just another tv show. It's epic yet character driven and so "real". It doesn't take itself to seriously yet really connects and draws you in. Sam and Andy have to be the most incredible potential pairing. Can't take my eyes off


I love this show and believe the preview is leading us on that Luke is going to cheat, but I think he will eventually anyways and Andy has always tried to draw the line so I would be upset with Luke if he gave in. With that said, I do hope the show takes a new direction with Sam and Andy!!!


Damn this shows getting friggin good. I'm sorry, I never use foul words. Can't wait until this episode!!!


I agree with both Doe-Rae-Me and kt, it's obviously a time jump (by probably a month) and it's part of the undercover job they're doing. If not, than I am confused as hell. :/


so i feel very hypercritical to be mad at Luke though he is cheating on Andy because Andy cheated on Luke with Sam. BUT I DONT CARE!!!! SANDY FTW! so im going to be really mad at Luke, yet hoping that this leads to sam and andy time!


Obviously there's a time jump. Secondly, I feel like Luke and Jo are undercover and they aren't just making out for the hell of it. Now, I'm sure that re awakens the old feelings. These two are almost as perfect together as Sandy. Well ok, that's a slight embellishment ;)

Doe rae me

I am going to assume there is some sort of time jump happening here. Not only is Luke out of the hospital but he's felling strong and healthy enough to be engaging in sexual activity TWO WEEKS after almost dying from gunshot? TWO weeks!

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