Rookie Blue Review: Crash & Burn?

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Are Luke and Andy already up in flames? Wow, that's quick. I didn't anticipate there being trouble in paradise quite that fast - but, then again, I didn't know what to expect when we first met Jo.

Gail Peck Pic

She's a good detective, still in love with Luke and... a possible psycho? Okay, that classification may be a little harsh, but did you see the death glare she gave Andy? And did you catch this exchange?

Andy: So what, you love something you set it free?
Jo: Not me. Me I like to keep the things I love close. Hold them in a death grip and never let them go. | permalink
To summarize: Luke's engaged to Andy. Sam's in love with Andy and Jo looks as though she's had enough of this doe-eyed rookie.

I hope Andy doesn't have a pet rabbit because Jo's beginning to resemble Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Andy's trying so hard with Luke, but Sam's the one in whom she confides. She's engaged to Luke, but Sam's her best friend. He's the one who is there when it matters. It's confusing enough for me to write. Can you imagine living in it?

Poor Sam's in a no-win situation. Andy's engaged. She's made her choice. Sam's trying to be a good friend but his true feelings for Andy can't be denied.  Even Ollie can see it.

Chris' back story's heartbreaking, but I love the growth between Gail and Dov. They're having late night video game marathons and confiding in one another. Even as just friends these two have great chemistry.

The minute Traci couldn't find her cell phone I knew where that story would end. I'm just happy the truth came out. What she's doing is unfair to her ex. It's time to come clean and make a choice.

In the end, Jo's version of Florence Nightengale involves trashing flowers, popping balloons, and eating Luke's chocolates. Much to Andy's dismay, it's just what he needs. After all, Andy makes Luke smile, but Jo makes him laugh.  

So, do you think Luke and Andy are going to crash and burn or is my judgement clouded by my Sam and Andy (Sandy?) bias? Weigh in with your thoughts on "Heart & Sparks."

Heart & Sparks Review

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