Spotted on Gossip Girl Set: Elizabeth Hurley & Chace Crawford!

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Elizabeth Hurley recently joined the cast of Gossip Girl. Below are some of the first photos of the stunning British model/actress in character as Diana Payne.

With her, of course, was Chace Crawford.

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran have described Hurley's character as “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul." Might we add "latest conquest of Nate" to that resume? It's too soon to tell, but come on ... it's Nate:

Elizabeth Hurley and Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley with Chace Crawford on the New York City set of Gossip Girl.

Last season felt lackluster at times, but with each day bringing little teases like this, we find ourselves getting more and more excited for the upcoming fifth season.

What about you? What do you think the producers have in mind for Hurley's character? Sound off on her and all things Gossip Girl by leaving a comment below!

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Ist jemand unter Advair oder die neue Asmanex für Asthma ?


Amors Pfeile haben zielgenau die Mitte meines Herzens getroffen. Denn ich habe mich in Chace Crawford, den schönsten jungen Mann aller Zeiten, total verliebt. Ich finde Chace einmalig schön, sehr süß und total sexy. Und ich sehne mich sehr danach, seinen bezaubernd schönen Adoniskörper, vor allem sein supersüßes Bäuchlein, seine knackigen, sehr zarten, total leckeren Brüste und seinen wunderschönen Rücken ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu liebkosen. Ich würde unseren Chace nach allen Regeln der Kunst verführen und ihn so sehr und so lange verwöhnen, bis er einen Orgasmus bekommt und kräftig ejakuliert. Danach würde ich ihm noch viele Zärtlichkeiten schenken und ihn damit sanft in den Schlaf geleiten; denn ich habe unseren Chace von Herzen lieb. Ginge meine Sehnsucht doch in Erfüllung! Ich wäre sehr glücklich. Ramona


i think Nate has true feeling to Blair and Serena.. pls writer make serenate one more time hhehhe


Nate use to hang with Jenny before she went away. I think he should miss the friendship and reach out. Then I would like to see her reappear all cleaned up and sexy and watch Nate fall hard for her. Poetic justice, no?


i'm a big fan of GG but i could agree that season 4 is really not interesting. what i love the most is season 3, where serena and nate's time did arrive...i so love to watch them together coz i can really see there's a chemistry bet. them and they look perfectly good for each hopefully in season 5, they (GG) will revive SERENATE!


Nate is wayyyy too young for her!

Saturday night living

Nate'll get scratches all over him. That's what you get when you go out with a cougar.

I am xoxo

nate...just leave all the woman/lady/grandma alone...u better be a gay instead. date eric, the best catch u can get.

I am xoxo

she's too old for nate....purlzzz


Just rewatched Season 3 and thought that ep.17 was sickening.
What Chuck did to Blair was beyond effed up. Can't believe she went back to him after that. Makes her look utterly stupid.
Ep.18 totally foreshadows Dair though.
Hope this Nate/Elizabeth Hurley SL is more than just another pointless romance that bores us to death.

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