Spotted on Gossip Girl Set: Elizabeth Hurley & Chace Crawford!

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Elizabeth Hurley recently joined the cast of Gossip Girl. Below are some of the first photos of the stunning British model/actress in character as Diana Payne.

With her, of course, was Chace Crawford.

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran have described Hurley's character as “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul." Might we add "latest conquest of Nate" to that resume? It's too soon to tell, but come on ... it's Nate:

Elizabeth Hurley and Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley with Chace Crawford on the New York City set of Gossip Girl.

Last season felt lackluster at times, but with each day bringing little teases like this, we find ourselves getting more and more excited for the upcoming fifth season.

What about you? What do you think the producers have in mind for Hurley's character? Sound off on her and all things Gossip Girl by leaving a comment below!

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Everybody can do better work writing an episode in GG!!!!! read any fan fiction out there... They are match better !!!Why i am still watching these show?? Because i am a dreamer,hopping that these season will be better ;) and because i love the cast! why i leave my comment here? Because we live in a free world and i need t tell my opinion about how sad i am about writers! p.s i read your comments and that is why i am writing these...


i am not a hater for ggirl but doesnt this remind anyone of what happened with nate in season 2 with the mistress beaton or something


Nate as gigolo? Again? Mmmmmhhhhh really interesting. And exciting. So unusual...


Dear haters of gossip girl SHUT THE HELL UP no one cares if u don't like gosisp girl anymore or think it's boring ,as for REAL FANS like myself can't wait for it to come back. Yeah so what if they use same plot lines?, who cars?, there will be a twist and does it matter if Serena hooks up with every guy on the show?, and same with Nate?, its there character. I would LOVEEEE to see you haters write the show yourselves and see how much hard work you put in and see fans not giving a crap. ps if you hate gossip girl soo much why did u like it in the first place?


Ok, so far we´ve got, a new conquest for Nate (a cougar?? again??) and two posible new boyfriends for Serena, OMG!! so innovating!! Dear writers, seriously,if you keep re-using your plots, your show is gonna get cancelled. Why in the name of God do I even bother?? the only reason I watched this show was Nate and Serena´s relationship, but honestly, I don´t give a damn anymore....


@Rachel THEN STFU.
Because there are people who do.


Are all male characters on the show wearing plaid now. First it was Dan. Then last year Eric starts wearing matching plaid and now Nate wears it all the time as well. All hail the humphrey power of persuasion :-)


People, there is a photo, in the Spoiler section of the GG forums of this site, where SHE KISSES HIM.


I dont want to see Chuck with a new love!! He needs to be single and grow up and fight fight fight for once for BLAIR!! She always fought for him. Just saying......


Duh, it's Nate. We expect him to bang any new girls on Gossip Girl.

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