Teen Wolf Season Finale Spoilers: Who Dies? Who Turns?

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Four episodes remain on season one of Teen Wolf.

We already know the MTV series will return next summer, meaning it can afford to leave viewers hanging off a cliff on the upcoming finale - and, based on a few tidbits revealed at Comic-Con this weekend, it sounds like that's the exact plan.

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There will be a death on the August 15 season finale, cast members confirmed, while not everyone will survive the episode as a human.

"There'll be several cliffhangers, and it's nice to know we now have a second season to resolve them," said producer Jeff Davis. "The cliffhanger will also explore how to possibly cure werewolves."

Interesting. Visit TV Fanatic later tonight for a full review of the latest installment.

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First of all Jackson has nothing to do with teen wolf anymore he is already on another show they will keep metioning him once in awhile until they get a new actor and then they may bring him back but until then he is not even in the picture (sorry for the pun). Second Scot is not even a possibility to die he is the main character and so is Derek, Styles yes Lydia and Allison. The show would suck definitely without Scot, Derek or Styles. So who I think could die is Melissa or Styles Dad or Cora but since Style did say the next time I Kiss you you better be awake makes me think she will stick around. Or Kate or Isaic anyone of those will make a great storyline. I know it won't be Lydia turning she is a banche so the best guess will be Allison Something is going to happen to her and Scot will have to change her to save her life.
Do to die
one of the Twins
Style Dad
Mean Alpha
or his girl the one who left Julia alive The girl who will turn is Allison


Well the new season is up and the two people that are now dead is the alpha and Kate. So now I think Jackson may be turn into something but not exactly a "good" werewolf. And there is some kind of evil creature going around killing people on the second episode idk what that thing is its kinda creepy tbh :/ hopefully Scott and Alison will be able to see each other with Alison's fathers permission :) hopefully...


Derek becomes alpha and is going to turn Jackson into one and they don't know what Lydia is because the first alpha ALMOST made her one but didn't finish.


Yea teen wolf likes twists. So what if it turned out as Kate became the new werewolf? She'd become what she has hunted for all those years.


people who should die kate,alpah,jsckson!! i hate them sooo they should die! i hope its not allison or scott or stiles or lidaya or drerk!!!!!!!!! LMAO! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! @ItsNicolekayyyy


Here we go. Derek escapes seeks revenge on Kate for making him burn his family....Scott shows up and tries to stop him. Stiles refuses the offer. lydia turns Kate dies. Hopefully Jackson diseapers


i think Jackson is one of the werewolf because if you remember back when Derek got shot in the arm, he was bleeding really back and he clawed Jackson in the neck with bloody nails that blood might have some effect?


I think it's Allison who might get turnt!


....aaannnddd.Since signs point at stiles turning i think jackson might get what he wants. because again they like twists. A female wolfs confirmed but i hope they'll throw another male wolf @ us. jackson and scott on the same pack will make some good entertaining rivalry.


ok.Its confirmed that 2 people die.from what we know, lydias hurt and dereks captured.And someone turns and its definitely a female.Again lydias hurt...but we know they like twists. Just look @ who was the alpha when signs were aimed @ the science teacher. I like to believe that kate & lydia die. Considering Kate's the real "Bad Guy" not the alpha. Also season two points at a cure which makes me believe that either allison or melissa(scotts mom) end up lycanthropes. This reinforces lydia dying.

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