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"The Divine Move"

On the Teen Wolf season 3 finale, Scott, Derek and the gang make one last stand.


Kira faces off an unexpected foe on the latest Teen Wolf.


Stillinski must face a review board and Scott and Lydia decide it's time to join forces on Teen Wolf.

"The Fox and the Wolf"

Kira begins to realize what her powers really mean on Teen Wolf.

"Echo House"

Stiles faces a difficult decision while Scott and his friends search for an important Japanese artifact on Teen Wolf.

"Letharia Vulpina"

Allison and Lydia search out an unlikely teacher while Scott tries to prevent a disaster on Teen Wolf.


Stiles ends up missing and Lydia tries to learn how to use her new abilities on Teen Wolf.


Scott needs his friends to help protect him on Teen Wolf.


It's Halloween and the teens throw a party while Scott tries to earn Kira's trust on Teen Wolf.


On the night before Halloween, a murder escapes custody on Teen Wolf.