The Good Wife Season 3 Spoilers: What Was Will Up To?

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Will Gardner has a secret.

No, it isn't what transpired between him and Alicia on the season finale of The Good Wife, although fans are anxious to see how that plays out.

Instead, it's whatever this attorney was up to at his previous law firm, the "embezzlement" charge levied at by Blake many weeks ago. Might viewers learn more on season three? It appears so.

A Concerned Will

Consider: Lisa Edelstein has been cast as Will's former partner. Moreover, producer Robert King told TV Line the series is “going to build on" Blake's taunts and Julianna Margulies added:

“Will is dealing with demons, and we’re about to find out why Blake was in his life."

The September 25 season premiere can't arrive soon enough, can it?

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the name the good wife is supposed to be ironic, or don't you know what that means.
yes i accept that will isn't a saint but a) he has never hurt Alicia like peter did, b) if they were both saints it would be crappy tv, c) they were really attracted to one another at college - "we had whatever we had at georgetown" but i think nothing happened because Alicia was already engaged to / dating peter.
i think she says they would have lasted a week because she is trying to make her marriage work and doesn't want to lead him on. the reason she hasn't taken the divorce public is because she is a good person and doesn't want to humiliate peter the way she was humiliated. she gave him the chance to convine her to let him back in "say something to make me fall in love with you again" but he didn't even try. yes peter did seem to be changing and no sleeping with will probably wasn't the best idea but she did at least ask whether he and Tami were still together and allowing herself to do something for her to make her happy is totally understandable.


The shows title is totally misleading. Alicia has been toggling with cheating since season 1 with scumbag Will. Now, that she has done the deed the shows title does not hold up at all. If the writers don't get there act their act together I predict this will be there last season. It's predictable. Furthermore, Alicia has never really seemed interested in saving her marriage. Maybe, she shares some of the blame of her failed marriage? I would like to see the show redeem itself and actually have Alicia deal with the consequences of her actions just as Peter has done for the first 2 seasons. Now, that would be interesting!


SHE turns down the man she loves (will) numerous times for the sake of her children, who or where does it say she was in love with him years ago ? If I heard it right in the whispered phone call she said that they would not have lasted a week, it didn't say she was in love with him. It seems everyone is under the inpression that she was in love with him in college (false) she know him and thought he looked good but never had any fling going on. I know this only a tv show but the storyline has her being the one who is being swayed by to much time at work and not enough at home with the family. There is to much of her lying toher kids about Will and what is going on at work behind their backs. This show isn't about Peter it is about Alicia and how she can't handle life in general.


you people need to chill out - its just a tv show!!!! (though for the record i am totally on Alicia's side: 1. the only reason there is now anything going on between her and will is because she had to get a job to support her family after peter gets fired as SA due to his infidelity 2. peter cheated 19+ times while they were happily married - she only sleeps with will after they separate 3. she is a goodwife because in season 1 when peter is breaks his house arrest to follow her on her dinner with will she stops him going back to jail and cancels on will - she puts family first 4. she did try for 2 years not to get involved with will despite still loving him, unlike peter who was only to happy to shell out big bucks for meaningless sex with prostitutes 5. she puts her children first unlike peter, who left Zach's birthday party early for sex with Amber Maddison... 6. i do accept that some of her actions ie. the kiss & whispered phone call don't have the moral high-ground, however the fact remains that she turns down the man she loves (will) numerous times for the sake of her children unlike peter who didn't seem to care about the consequences of his affairs)


Was that supposed to be your feeble attempt at "humor". Not even close. It's ironic, though, that you're on the side of the scumbag creep who really DOES need to go for an AIDS test, because he could very easily have picked it up from one of his whores and given it to Alicia. She should get tested too. And yet people like you still think he's "awesome"? What poor taste you have.


John go get an aids test your mouth is spreading all over the place.


"Peter Florrick is awesome." Gee, let's see.... His own kids have seen him cheating on their mother in their computer lab at school. He would never have been re-elected if people weren't total idiots with really short memories, like some of the goofballs on this board. And if he hadn't hired a clever operator like Eli, he never would have been. "Awesome", my foot! "Awesome"? You must be kidding. He's a scummy cheating sleazeball who admitted in court under oath that he had made the decision to cheat on his loving wife no fewer than 18 times. And if you think he's not still cheating on her now, you're very gullible. Where do you think he's been going all these days when he's not at home and not at campaign headquarters? He doesn't have a job yet, you know! Alicia needs to get tested for AIDS and other STDs. The places that lying cheating rat has been, he should be the poster boy for dirtbag daddies.


"I wish they would write some scenes where Peter takes Willy out in the ally and kicks his ass good" Obviously you're a violence fan who is not too bright. It's a lot more likely that "Willy" would kick sleazeball Peter's ass for betraying and hurting the woman he loves. It would serve him bloody right, too. Peter deserves to be punished for cheating on Alicia, over and over. "I don't believe in people crossing the line with married woman" What a hypocrite you are! Gee, somehow you have less of a problem with married men who cheat on their faithful wives at least NINETEEN different times, while his "good wife" waits for him at home? You think Will is the one to blame here?? Your moral compass is broken. People like you seem to confuse being "a good wife" with being a doormat forever to a lying cheating bum. She deserves a lot better, and Peter is not it. That sleazy rat should have been kicked out two years ago.


Ah Yes you are right on, Peter is the one to take this show to a better place in the ratings. I wish they would write some scenes where Peter takes Willy out in the ally and kicks his ass good, I don't believe in people crossing the line with married woman it shows very low esteem on both parties if she goes along with it. By the way have you seen any cheating from Peter in season 1 & 2 ? Plus where do you stand on the Kalinda problem before ?
Does this show tell us anything about being a Good Wife ?


Peter Florrick is awesome. I can't wait watch him dig up the dirt on Will, so that Alicia can see that everyone is gray, not as white as Will's shiny image has been thus far. Chris Noth is perfect for this role. I hope that this isn't the end of Peter/Alicia, simply because angst is fun to watch, especially when there's a bit of sexual tension thrown in. Tolstoy said it best--normal, happy families are boring. Give me the Florricks and conflict any day.