The Good Wife Season 3 Spoilers: What Was Will Up To?

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Will Gardner has a secret.

No, it isn't what transpired between him and Alicia on the season finale of The Good Wife, although fans are anxious to see how that plays out.

Instead, it's whatever this attorney was up to at his previous law firm, the "embezzlement" charge levied at by Blake many weeks ago. Might viewers learn more on season three? It appears so.

A Concerned Will

Consider: Lisa Edelstein has been cast as Will's former partner. Moreover, producer Robert King told TV Line the series is “going to build on" Blake's taunts and Julianna Margulies added:

“Will is dealing with demons, and we’re about to find out why Blake was in his life."

The September 25 season premiere can't arrive soon enough, can it?

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Things like a whispered phone call and asking for a plan are HARDLY in the same class as actually paying a prostitute thousands of dollars of his family's money in return for kinky sex, all while his "good wife" waited faithfully for him at home. And to do it eighteen different times with a whore, and THEN also shtupping a woman from his office too? And you're trying to smear some of the blame for his marriage's failure on the wife he betrayed? How is that fair? Peter is a scumbag, and she was right to kick the bum out. Incredibly, people seem to think that, just because it wasn't yesterday, he should be forgiven as if it never happened. I sure don't think so.


Whats the difference between a GOOD WIFE and a poor mother ? This whole series are about Alicia not Peter, it stems from real life people who have had this kind of problems and what did they do to solve them. Everyone keeps throwing dirt at the wrong person, lets add up the score of fidelity. 1. The wispering cell phone call.
2. The kiss and return for more then go home and jump Peter bones.
3. The call before Peters speech and showing her the plan.
4. Trying to find out about 2nd call and brother in way.
5. Having drink of Tequila (she can't handle)then prceeding to Pres suite ($7.800) to do the same thing she accused Peter of. What part of a GOOD WIFE does this come under?


Rats like Peter always hope women like you will believe their many past indiscretions are "old news", so they can pretend they never happened. Not so fast. Peter has been a cheater MANY times before, and he still is. A leopard doesn't change its spots. Seriously, if someone makes a mistake and apologizes, you forgive them because people are weak and nobody is perfect. If he does it AGAIN, he'd better have a very good apology. But NINETEEN TIMES??? That's more than "making a mistake", that's a firmly established pattern of infidelity. Alicia is not a doormat, and Peter has been treating her like one for far too long. I'm glad to see she's finally kicked the bum out and is moving on in her life without him.


John how would you like a second chance ? we are tired of yesterdays news so get real and look at the real picture today there is a brighter light.
Times going. The game is on. Peter needs to be placed in the 21st century.


But it's already way too late for a "second chance". Peter knowingly betrayed his "good wife" at least 19 different times, so he'd be asking for a TWENTIETH chance, which he sure doesn't deserve. Times up. The game is over. Peter needs to be GONE.


so unfair!Peter already ask forgivenes to his wife alicia, he deserved a second chance!!


"IT WASN'T 18 DIFFERENT ONES IT WAS ONE 18 TIMES" Peter admitted under oath that he'd banged Amber 18 different times -- and then it turns out he's also shtupped Kalinda too, and who knows who else? What that means is that on AT LEAST 19 different occasions that we know of for sure, he made the decision to betray his faithful and loving "good wife". She needs to ditch the dirtbag NOW! (And Petra was right, Alicia should get an AIDS test.)




Can't wait to see this two timing sneaky bastard get his, he is out for one thing and its between every womens legs. I would be totally afraid of catching a transmitted disease from someone who hops around alot. PS jOHN IT WASN'T 18 DIFFERENT ONES IT WAS ONE 18 TIMES.


It's really pathetic to see people gloating over what they HOPE will be Will's downfall because they actually think Alicia should go back to that lying, cheating dirtbag she married! How blind can these people be that they refuse to see that Peter is a complete rat, and will never change. He didn't just "make a mistake". He paid thousands of dollars of his family's money to pay for kinky sex with prostitutes. He made the decision to betray Alicia at least EIGHTEEN DIFFERENT TIMES, while she was waiting faithfully for him at home. And he put her health at risk every time he came back from one of his whores. Nice "family values" there! For those who "have never liked Will" -- do you seriously think Peter is a better choice??? No chance in hell. She needs to DITCH that sleazy creep ASAP and never look back.

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