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The Good Wife Spoilers: More Sex!!!

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Complications are reportedly ahead on The Good Wife.

But Robert King kept something very simple in a recent chat with William Keck of TV Guide Magazine: "We're pushing the envelope sexually," said the show's co-creator, specifically citing Diane as a character who may in the bedroom.

With whom? No word yet about Gary Cole reprising his role as Kurt McVeigh.

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Season three of The Good Wife will also feature Zach assisting his mom at work, and an insurance company lawsuit involving Lisa Edelstein's Celeste.

For more from Keck, check out his latest column now.

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I hope Diane will get some more loving. She is great proof that women over fifty can still be attractive and sexy. I'd be happy if it was with Kurt McVeigh, because they had such a fascinating relationship -- but even if Kurt's gone for good, she still deserves to be happy. Just as long as they don't try to pair her off with Kalinda! I'm really getting tired of seeing every pretty woman on the show start to hanker for her. Enough of that already.

Good Wife Quotes

Oh my God. It's like being in a Woody Allen movie.


Alicia: No. Cary, you do it. She liked you. Work your magic.
Cary: God. I am the new Will. Sorry.

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