The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: The Tables Are Turned

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I love how both Chloe and Amy look out for Meredith as she ventures into the dating world with Frank. That Chloe can keep it together for her mom, despite her own heartbreak, says a lot for their relationship. 

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Elsewhere in "Dogs of War," we discovered a third race, the Jackals. I found it really weird that Jasmine and Alek called Kai an it, and that race collectively animals or things. They didn't recognize the human side of him at all. There was no compromise, even when Chloe made it perfectly clear they would not stop her from returning Kai to his people.

There was a fabulous scene between Chloe and Meredith where the former showed her mom just how mature she has become. Watching their interaction was a beautiful mother/daughter moment that touched upon growing up, trust and love. Skyler Samuels and Amy Pietz couldn't have done a better job.

Amy and Paul, being the perfect sidekicks to our heroine, tried to find a way for her to be with Brian, only to discover Alek had feelings for Chloe. Even Amy looked torn when she realized this, so we can only imagine the thoughts inside Chloe's head as she volleys between the guys. 

Alek scored points when he went against Valentina because they had given Chloe their word otherwise. It put them all in serious danger, but it showed how true Alek is to Chloe. It was a lot like the scene earlier this season when he stayed and watched her mom all night, just because he gave his word.

If we've learned one thing about Alek, he does not go back on his promises.

When the Jackals attacked, at first I couldn't tell who had betrayed whom. Kai set up Chloe and her friends, but there was something off about it. He realized his mistake, but not until his dad almost lost his life at Chloe's hands.

She was willing to give up her life for Mai and humans alike - but her strength proved too much even for a seasoned Jackal, something nobody expected. The entire event brought Alek and Chloe closer in a way that would make it hard for Brian to compete.

Even more shocking was how Jasmine covered for Alek. To do that and subject herself to her mother's great disappointment was noble. The writers keep us and the characters on their toes by constantly amazing us with their next move.

When Alek kissed Chloe, my heart skipped a beat. I've been waiting for that moment, and it didn't disappoint. He's like the Spike to her Buffy, or the Logan to her Veronica. He's got that bad boy edge that tugs at my heartstrings like nothing else.

What did you guys think? Was Aloe worth the wait? Anyone still rooting for Broe? I cannot wait to see what comes next. I'm actually giddy with anticipation!


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Am I the only person who was shipping Chloe and Jasmine? I thought I sensed some chemistry there.


you are so right brian is totally duncan nice and all but completely vanilla


Maybe the Mai's kiss doesn't kill humans, but the adult Mai would prefer that the 'kids' believe it does. It's one way of keeping them 'in the fold', so to speak. That would mean that Xavier's death was engineered to keep Chloe in check. I liked Chloe with Brian--he's sweet. I have no doubt she has feelings for Alek, though, too, but her returning the kiss COULD have been a reaction to him almost dying to save her. We'll see in the coming weeks, I guess. I'll be sad when this goes on hiatus :(


Team Alek FOREVEEER!!!


Omg.. Alek and Chloe are perfect for each otter.. I saw they had chemistry in episode one. They were meant for esch other don't get me wrong brian is a good guy but it's just that Chloe and brian have no real future together and Alek was practically made for Chloe and Chloe has strong feelings for Alek too. She just has them bottled up and she has to let it loose. Theres only a bump in the road. Sadly to say it's brian.


Well, my post is all about relationships. First off, I am all for Chalek or Aleo or whatever you want to call it. Let's go with Alek. He's hot, charming, devoted and protective. Who wouldn't want him as their boyfriend? But Brian still has a chance. Its very possible that the TV series will not follow the book to the tee. Its very clear that that Whitney Rezza and scarface had something to do with Xavier's death, and when the Sao Paulo mai came that the humans died almost instantly after a big kiss like Chloe and Xavier's. Because Chloe is the uniter and has special powers like very strong empathic abilities (she can even be empathic with jackals), is stronger than most Mai (because she took down the lead jackal) and had a faster transformation than other mai, she could possibly "unite" the mai and humans by falling in love and marrying Brian. In my opinion, Chloe did not have much too do with Xavier's death, though he might have been killed because he was involved with Chloe. I am surprised with how many people don't want Brian. He is cute, kind, and just seems lovable. He's not as flirtatious or secure as Alek, and Chloe cannot be as open as she can be with Alek. But Brian is cute, like a kitten. Ergo, "kitty hat". xD So, both Alek and Brian have strong chances, though I would go with Alek.


Please dont follow the books producers! YOu'll just loose fans!! Please listen to what the viewers want and do Chalek! O and did anyone c the episode 8 promo? If so did u guys hear the "and she will hurt the one she cares about most" thing. because she was talking to brian when they said that but right when they finished saying it they showed Alek, so who were the6y talking about????


@tati I've had that thought too. I would love it if the played it out.


One of the best episodes yet. I could be way off base here but, I'm not so sure Alek's motive for disobeying Valentina was quite as noble as it may have appeared to be. I think he may have been trying to manipulate the situation in order to make himself look like the hero and/or to get a chance to take on the Jackals whom he clearly despises. If that was his plan it was a success. Meredith and Frank: Anyone else wonder why, upon his introduction to Chloe, the writers would have Frank mysteriously wash his hand before shaking hands with Chloe? Sure, he did it under the pretext of having spilled a bit of coffee on himself. I just don't understand why that would be written into the scene unless it bore some significance to the storyline. Another far-fetched observation: I think it was Paul who brought up the question about whether or not it would be possible for Chloe to kiss a Jackal since they are not human. That got me thinking about the human Chloe kissed in the first episode. Do we know without a doubt that Chloe's kiss was what killed him? She is the Uniter afterall. It would make sense were she to be able to kiss whomever she wanted regardless of their species. Sorry Chalek people, Brian still may have a shot.


@Tati That sounds like something Paul would say. He would certainly approve.

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Chloe: Tall, chiseled and with an accent.
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Chloe: I'll tell her that you approve.

Okay, that was most definitely not normal. That kid's got to get a dentist.