The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: "Nothing Compares 2 U"

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Seriously, Amy, with all the coffee shops in San Francisco, did you really have to take a date to Chloe's, where you knew it was possible to run into Paul? That was really petty.

At the Rezza Capital Art Gala

While I'm picking on Amy, she also left a guy she's known for years because he got naked, but had no problem accompanying a guy she barely knew to a seedy part of town to watch him gamble illegally. She is one confused young woman.

Meanwhile: oh, my (and I don't mean oh, Mai): Brian's dad has a hot body. That was unexpected and it felt kind of dirty to watch him in bed with someone, especially someone who is of The Order and wants Chloe dead.

I have to agree with Paul: watching Chloe bound across a building never gets old. Seeing her do cat maneuvers is one of my favorite parts of the series. I wanna see more of it.

It took him long enough but, finally, in "Nothing Compares 2 U," Brian had the right reaction when Chloe entered the art gala. I truly believed he found her beautiful.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to point out the cheese. In real life, does a stranger walk up to a young couple and tell them how great they are together? No. It was an awkward exchange and I didn't need their situation shoved in my face.

Did you notice the homage to vintage super-hero programming with the music they played as Chloe took down the bad poker guys? It was almost reminiscent of Batman. I think they need to focus more on those fun moments, if they aren't going to take the whole Mai lore thing seriously. There has to be a harmony, but the show hasn't reached it yet.

The writers were trying to balance the serious and fanciful with light-hearted and whimsical moments and some more dramatic turns, but they didn't particularly pull off either. I'm still not sure what the series is trying to become. A love story, a mystery, a tale of super heroes? It's all over the map.

Brian's dad and his gal pal saw Chloe, but it barely made a dent in their evening. That was just odd. Shouldn't that scene have had more of an impact? If they wanted her dead so badly, why pass up such an easy target?

The last scene, with Chloe fleeing Brian's declaration, felt right. I believed she was in pain turning from Brian just as I believed he had earlier found her gorgeous. Mimi was definitely jealous of Alek watching over Chloe, but I wonder if we are reaching a fork in the road where Alek and Chloe become less flirtatious and more like Mai warriors together.

Of course, there has to be some big secret in the closet that allows Brian and Chloe to be together. Perhaps he's the other half of her ability to unite Mai and humans? Maybe it has to be him?

I'm just guessing, but I really have to see a kiss by season's end to know if the real sparks are going to fly. They were there in the first few episodes, but they have had a hard time keeping the two alive as the weeks have progressed. We need more near miss kisses and longing for me to cheer for them as a couple.

With Mimi in the picture, do you think things might change? Are you buying into Brian and Chloe more or less now that he has professed his love for her? Were you as disappointed as I that Jasmine and Valentina weren't in the episode?


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I luv this show!! its like the best DARN show there can be, ever!!! somebody like savy... i wouldnt want to please. as IF! she just doesnt have good taste in shows. SUCKS 2 BE HER!!!! :)OMG... im like dying to c this new ep. ahhhhh!! im sooooo excited. YES im alil. 2 excited, who cares??? ik i dont. i just luv chloe,ALEK,amy,jaz,brian,& paul!! ahhhhh!! I will soooo die if chloe CHOOSES brain over ALEK. yes, i like brain but not even close to how much I LUV alek! :) I can't sleep @ nights... bc my head is flouting around, wondering if chloe chooses brain or ALEK! ahhhh...i mean brain can't rly pertect her as alek can!!! & Brain's dad wants chloe dead. why????? how???? UGH!!!! I cant believe it!!! I HOPE SHE CHOOSES ALEK! (ALEK & CHLOE 4EVER) luv ya alek!!!!


I think Chloe should end up with Alek 100% I dont even have to think about it.I'm not trying to be mean and it has nothing to do with Brian and Chloe not being able to kiss but I just dont see any chemistry between them.Now with Alek you can see an instant connection.Also Brian doesnt really do anything in the show except smile at Chloe while Alek is actually protecting her and would give his life for her.I really hope from the bottom of my heart that it doesnt end like in the books.GO TEAM ALEK!!!!!!!


So far I think this is a good episode! So far seeing this show I love the story plots and the actors that plays these characters on the show! Made you think what direction the writers are going with these storylines! In my opinion there is a love triangle between Brian/Chloe/Alek! I see differently chemistry between Skyler with Stone and Damon! She has strong chemistry between these two leading men on the show! Seeing the episode its obvious Chemistry between her and Alek. I didn't like him at first when the show started he seemed a totally jerk, but now we get to see him help her train and see him his softer side when it comes to Chloe he definitely in love with her and will do anything to protect her. He is definitely jealous of her relationship with Brian not only that but he wants to make sure she is safe as well. Possiblity of relationship can develop between the both of them, but I still feel she is meant to be with BRian! I still feel there is a lot going on with what happened to his mother long time ago and she is definitely connected to the Mai somehow. Curious to know how that will develop and now that Chloe broke his heart he will join his father in the fight to stop the Mai! Wondering when he will find out the truth about Chloe! Her Mother! Her Dad! The Brazilian Mai got killed and so far! Lot of ways the writers can go with the direction of the story! Can't wait to tune in to the next episode!


I did not like this episode.


Good episode. I'm having trouble trying to figure out why people dislike Brians's character so much. The way he and Chloe interact adds to the show's charming appeal if you keep in mind their light-hearted sarcastic banter is a result of their tip-toeing around the feelings they have for one another. Then again, the whole "star crossed lovers" thing has been played out so many times as to make it feel a bit stale. I think RhiniedaGenie (see below) might be onto something about Brian being part Mai. As for Alek, I'm not sure exactly why he is so against Cloe and Brian's relationship. He could be jealous for romantic reasons, he could be concerned because of the Mai/human thing (something tells me he had a relationship with a human at some time in the past that ended tragically), or he could just be concerned for her safety as the Uniter.


A Mai can't kiss a human but can they have sex with one?? Skip the kissing Chloe.


I like the story lines with Choloe's mom. I think her new boyfriend will be a twist, something with is daughter possibly. Good episode.


As a South African myself I found the refrences at the gala, about the food funny. I always thought Brians father was South African and of course they confirmed it. Bunny chow, is really good actually, I love it. However it does not usually come looking like an ordurve that was kind of wierd. LOL I think the dad was a SA soap opera actor or something. LOL


Personaly the only think keeping me watching this show still is Brian/Chloe and hoping they get together,and can beat the whole kiss thing. I find nothing interesting about Alek never have and as for his Ken doll looks, that look has never done anything for me. Brian is gorgeous and to me has way more chemistry with Chloe! To compare Alek to Damon is to me (as a Damon fan,) an insult! They are nothing alike in any way, from looks to personality to chemistry with the leading lady!!


I'm feeling kind of mixed feelings about it to be honest, i mean i agree with some of the things you guys have said such as i was also expecting more of a reaction at the art gala thing from the order members, i thought it could have had more of an impact on them and i also agree with some of the amy stuff, she is really sort of fussy in her relationship with paul. but on the other hand i love so many thingsabout this show, that it far outways the bad things about it. I love everything about chloe, her personality, her clothes ;), the chemistry she has with the other acters and what i love best about this show is that there is so much potential, there's so much they could do with it such as the mystery behind chloe's dad and her adoption and brian's mum and how she died and also the mai lore in general and if chloe really did kill xavier or if the creepy assain dude just made it look like that ( i mean because if chloe being the uniter meansshe's everythingthe mai used to be then maybe the curse never applied to her because she's supposed to be the one who repairs the relationship between the mai and the humans or whatever. ) There's just so many different things to explore with this program and to behonest i think i'm totally a chloe and alek fan, they just seem to have better chemistry :) Personally i think you should wait to see how they leave it when they stop for a hiatus after the first 10 or however many episodes they are doing before we judge it properly, you have to let things evolve, like piecing together a jigsaw, you just gotta be patient because let's face it most first season's of any show is less good then say the second or third or fourth because by them season's you've gotten to know the characters and the story is more complex and defined, for example i think the first season of buffy the vampire slayer wasn't as good as the other season's. BTW sorry this is like a really long comment lol.

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