The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: "Nothing Compares 2 U"

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Seriously, Amy, with all the coffee shops in San Francisco, did you really have to take a date to Chloe's, where you knew it was possible to run into Paul? That was really petty.

At the Rezza Capital Art Gala

While I'm picking on Amy, she also left a guy she's known for years because he got naked, but had no problem accompanying a guy she barely knew to a seedy part of town to watch him gamble illegally. She is one confused young woman.

Meanwhile: oh, my (and I don't mean oh, Mai): Brian's dad has a hot body. That was unexpected and it felt kind of dirty to watch him in bed with someone, especially someone who is of The Order and wants Chloe dead.

I have to agree with Paul: watching Chloe bound across a building never gets old. Seeing her do cat maneuvers is one of my favorite parts of the series. I wanna see more of it.

It took him long enough but, finally, in "Nothing Compares 2 U," Brian had the right reaction when Chloe entered the art gala. I truly believed he found her beautiful.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to point out the cheese. In real life, does a stranger walk up to a young couple and tell them how great they are together? No. It was an awkward exchange and I didn't need their situation shoved in my face.

Did you notice the homage to vintage super-hero programming with the music they played as Chloe took down the bad poker guys? It was almost reminiscent of Batman. I think they need to focus more on those fun moments, if they aren't going to take the whole Mai lore thing seriously. There has to be a harmony, but the show hasn't reached it yet.

The writers were trying to balance the serious and fanciful with light-hearted and whimsical moments and some more dramatic turns, but they didn't particularly pull off either. I'm still not sure what the series is trying to become. A love story, a mystery, a tale of super heroes? It's all over the map.

Brian's dad and his gal pal saw Chloe, but it barely made a dent in their evening. That was just odd. Shouldn't that scene have had more of an impact? If they wanted her dead so badly, why pass up such an easy target?

The last scene, with Chloe fleeing Brian's declaration, felt right. I believed she was in pain turning from Brian just as I believed he had earlier found her gorgeous. Mimi was definitely jealous of Alek watching over Chloe, but I wonder if we are reaching a fork in the road where Alek and Chloe become less flirtatious and more like Mai warriors together.

Of course, there has to be some big secret in the closet that allows Brian and Chloe to be together. Perhaps he's the other half of her ability to unite Mai and humans? Maybe it has to be him?

I'm just guessing, but I really have to see a kiss by season's end to know if the real sparks are going to fly. They were there in the first few episodes, but they have had a hard time keeping the two alive as the weeks have progressed. We need more near miss kisses and longing for me to cheer for them as a couple.

With Mimi in the picture, do you think things might change? Are you buying into Brian and Chloe more or less now that he has professed his love for her? Were you as disappointed as I that Jasmine and Valentina weren't in the episode?


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"In real life, does a stranger walk up to a young couple and tell them how great they are together? " Well actually, me and my BF of 2 months where walking down the street when all of a sudden a little old lady stopped in front of us and just yelled out GOD BLEsS WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE, YOU´RE SOOOOO CUTE. Weird, weird and oh so strange. lol

Rhianna speranzo

i loved Alek being all jealous. I wished Brian and chloe did kiss because i have a feeling he wont die. Something about his past. I also think he might be part Mai and thats why his dad doesnt talk about his mom because she was mai and umm was turned against on.... i dunno xD


I enjoy the show, it's very entertaining, but here is my problem...why is Chloe 15? And why isn't it weird that she's dating a college guy? It just seems wrong. I think Brian is adorable, but sometimes I wonder why he likes her besides her beauty. Besides the not kissing, she doesn't act 15, why can't she be 18 and I'd find the scenario a lot more believable?


this. ep. SUCKED! big time.
watching this ep, I really started to hate the show! it's ridiculous!
Amy is one big pile of stupidity. Chloe is ridiculous, un-adapting to her new life, indecisive, a hypocrite, idiotic - I'm having a hard time liking her. Brian bores me to death. Alek is pushing all the right buttons but is starting to annoy me, too. Paul is a typicall nerd. nothing wrong with him. the fighting scenes suck/are ridiculous. Sure, the bad, bad 3 poker guys stop hitting the guy who betrayed them to beat up the girl who freed his companion. who they lock out with some teenage boy, too. the poker dudes wait their turn to try their luck with chloe. sure. and last but not least, OF COURSE Chloe will comment on Alek actually following her. she could be nice to him for once, he trained her, without him she'd be dead 9x already! oh noes, he's a bad guy. And when the old lady told them they probably were a coulpe btu didn't knwo it yet? Who, who, WHO fricking says something like that?? even the NOSIEST old ladies I know have never ever done that before! jeezus, it was STUPID!
I was defending the show up until now, but this has got to stop. in an interview skylar samuels said that she felt she was shooting an entirely diff show after some break - I want that different show! when is that freaking break going to come??
and some people who now wrote they want the brian/chloe-ship to happen, I swaer they were thinking diff up until this ep. which just proves again that this show drives people insane. i can't explain this any other way, i dunno, i just... it's ridiculous. there aren't any more words.... >.


I wish this was one of those shows the producers can answer "nobody's forcing you to watch" to all the whining people. Insisting to publish you're gonna stop watching the show if one particular thing you want doesn't happen is really lame. I liked the episode, it was great. Still don't like "Ken doll" and it looks like next episode will be more about him and Chloe. I think HE's really forced, he's literally forcing since episode one, being a jackass and trying to get in her pants, but I guess the next couple of episodes will show how devoted he is to her. If it's because she's the uniter or simply because he loves her we'll find out, but I haven't seen a sign whatsoever that he likes Chloe the way she is yet.


Enjoyable episode, Brian as gorgeous as ever in his tux and sooo in love with Chloe: lucky girl, however it turns out. Alek is no match: cute accent but Ken doll types were never my style. Also have to agree with the reviewer... how disturbed is Amy??? Poor Paul...


Chloe needs to be with Alek. Their chemistry is fantastic, and they have more of a bond than Chloe and no-chemistry-Brian do. Chloe and Brian seem so shallow to me... It's so forced. Hopes for Chloe and Alek to get together keeps me tuning in every week, but if something doesn't happen soon, I don't know how long I'm going to hold on.

Mister archibald

Mixed feelings about the episode. I'm not so interested in Chloe's mom personal life. Amy and Paul were both great and very consistent. Alek is so annoying and full of himself but he's Chloe's Damon, Spike, the bad sexy complex guy most fan girls will love - personally I hate it. I also found it rather odd how Brian's dad and his lady reacted to Chloe, I expected more, but I guess there will be more on the next episode anyway. Finally, Chloe and Brian. Still rooting for them, but things are going reeeal slowly. I like slowly, I enjoy watching a good build up to a relationship, but that's not what I'm seeing, there really isn't much build up going on, they're still just kinda going in circles and it's like I'm watching for something more intense, more dramatic or simply romantic to happen but it never does. Ok, a little more romance this episode, I liked how he finally told her he's falling in love with her, but why do I have the feeling that unless there is something Mai they will simply stop talking to each other, now? I mean, they'll probably meet and talk, but they'll probably be back to the stake zero and I don't understand why they would continue like last night never happened (or why the writers and producers would do that, because it is freaking boring). Oh, before I submit this... the fighting scenes. I like the fighting, I like the action, but they need to improve them. It's fine, we don't need a lot of action every episode, but they could still give us better action. They're not so well directed, but it's not that bad either.


I need Chloe to be with Alek !! Brian is boring and plus his dad is trying to kill her. Big turndown.


pleas let her end up with Alek he is just so hot and the chemistry is there even tho she can't see it in i know he comes out a lilttle mean but he is doing what he can to protect her but watch even tho if we like it or not they are going to put her and Brian together wich kills it. PS. IF Alek and Chloe don't end up together im going to stop watching the show

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Chloe: I mean, when did you think it was a good idea to take off your pants?
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This is so cool. It's like our school is this otherworldly epicenter and attracting the hot teen Mai from all over the world.