True Blood Episode Promo: "I Wish I Was the Moon"

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Uh-oh. Pam accidentally let slip a major secret to Bill on this week's episode of True Blood.

How will that affect events in Bon Temps on July 31? The following storylines are ahead on "I Wish I Was the Moon."

  • Sookie hunts for Jason... under a full moon.
  • Marnie actually connects with witches from the past.
  • Arlene and Terry wonder about a suspicious fire.
  • Debbie pleads with Alcide to join a new werewolf pack.
  • Tommy trades places with Sam.
  • Lafayette experience something supernatural in Mexico.
  • Bill finds Eric.

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Bill is behaving like a child, what the hell does he care about sookie's love interest anyways. He got dumped, lets move on. Sookie didn't complain when she caught him pulling his pants up with another woman. Is he going to try to kill Quin also in the 5th season? Bill should just stick to his new responsibilities, (whatever the hell they are).


Hey dont hurt Eric he is not in his right mind (sooo) not liking Bill


Bill is such a DRAMA QUEEN. It's not OUR problem that you chose a FUCK BUDDY that you're related to. Gosh, what a cockbloker lol. In any case, ERIC WON'T DIE. Chill. I am worried about Uncle Jack Bass' spoilers about him staying away from Sookie. Bill get a grip and let the others move on.

Uncle jackass

Speculated Spoilers... - Sookie hunts for a Were panther man (aka Jason) in the forest alone. They talk about how things are changing (e.g. Sookie now having feelings for Eric and Jason's uncomfortable dreams about Jessica and Hoyts). - Pam told Bill where Eric was in order for the other Sheriffs to have their go at killing Marnie the witch and subsequently she doesn't have interference from Bill for her face to repair from the curse. Of course, Marnie goes possession mode, controls the Sheriff vampire trying to kill her and flees for allies. Marnie eventually finds Tara and lets her get possess by 1850s' slave witch. - Arlene and Terry flee their house next episode after the fire was sparked. They probably believe it was their possessed baby. - As for a pathetic dummy Eric, he will summit to the will of his King Bill (hate these spoilers!) and stay away from a romantic interest in Sookie.


I can't wait until Eric flings Bill across the room.


No! don't kill Eric! :-(


so sick of Bill!

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Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

Will you be my vampire bride?

Franklin [to Tara]

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