90210 Exclusive: Michael Steger on Season 4 Changes

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Changes are afoot on 90210. The kids have graduated, the adults are out of the picture and there are new showrunners at the helm.

But Michael Steger says the transition from Rebecca Sinclair to Patti Carr and Lara Olsen as lead writers has been "seamless," as cast members can go to the duo about anything and the focus is simply on making season four the best one ever for this CW hit.

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What will it entail for Navid?

"He's running the family business," Steger said, adding that it's switched from porn production to music video and commercial production. "But he's still being haunted by his father's past. Certain obstacles will present themselves and make life difficult."

Chief among them? His father's brother, Amal, who somehow got away with NOT being accused of child pornography.

"He thinks Navid is this naive kid who needs guidance, so he tries to play a mentor role," Steger told me. "There's a lot of animosity there."

Of course, nothing can match the animosity of last season between Navid and Adrianna, as 90210 took one of its main characters down a dark, evil path. Is there any way she can be redeemed?

No, "it's not possible," Steger says. "She's caused a ton of damages to a lot of essential characters, all the friends in her circle. But she's trying, she's on a path to redemption. It's not working so far."

The actor also tells viewers to look for "fun stuff" between Dixon and Navid, as the former will be getting into the music business and there will be plenty of opportunities for the two friends to work together. There will also be some "misunderstandings" along the way.

90210 returns with new episodes on September 13. TV Fanatic will cover each and every one of them in depth.

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@ Khalid
I used to love Silver back in season 1. She was so unique and cool but had depth too. Now she's just soo ordinary almost boring. I still liked her though but this whole "Nilver" thing is making me dislike two of my favourite characters more and more!! It's sad, I just want season 1 - silver back :(((!!


I love 9201. Spetially idy :) I love her :3


The most fascinating character and actress was SILVER.. she is so smart, funny, and she has the most spiritual eyes ever...
i like you JESSICA STROUP so much ... and if i was there in Beverley Hills, i won`t hesitate a second to go 4 a date with you for my entire life.. and trust me i wont brake up with you caz you are a unique diamond. i wish i was there to enjoy ur sense of humor, your shiny smile and your innocent face..keep going Jessica caz the future is yours ... Good luck and i wish to see you on season 4 caz you are a very important character ... :)

Gaby ee

What I'm most looking forward to are Naomi's storylines, but at least I'm happy that Navid and Dixon will be getting more interesting storylines.


I never loved Navid he was a to weak character for me! I doesn't know why! He had some pretty interesting storylines! But I think it's because of Michael Steger! When I saw the first photo for 90210 i thought he was a teacher truly! But okay! SOmeone probably likes him don't know why but its okay( i mean the character not the person!)!!


Anyone think that one of these "misunderstandings" is gonna involve Adrianna, and Dixon trying to patch up these 4, while Navid isn't having that?


And I'm so disappointed that Navid's still on this show. Both his and Silver's continued presence on 90210 is going to make it very difficult for me to continue watching.


So glad Navid and Dixon are getting storylines that don't dance around love stories.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.