90210 Season 4 Promo: First Footage!

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Is Naomi pregnant? Why is she half-naked? And posing for a mug shot? And what does Pledge Week entail? And who might be proposing to whom?!?

All of these questions/topics are addressed in the following 90210 promo for season four, which reveals the first footage from new episodes. Check it out now:

The series returns on Tuesday, September 13, with guest stars including: Kellie Pickler, Brandy Norwood, Sarah Hagan, Justin Deeley and Megalyn Echikunwoke.

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this show is great i love watchin it and i cant wait to see its but I love the orginal one beter


it would be nice to see naomi step it up and struggle with the news of being a teen mum and perhaps having to raise a child... but it seems so quick that here she is on the beach back to her "normal" partying self without max... so if there is a miscarriage storyline which is a shame... i hope they make it worth it.




oh god. how long must we suffer with the annie and liam storyline?! will it never end?!?!
naomi and silver remain the only reason to watch the show.


@cynthia: It was in the form of slang, not to offend anyone. So you know, calm down.


Not to pick on people but dexter idolizer, please refrain from the use of the word retarded. It is rude and degrading, and frankly, it makes you look very ignorant and foolish. Let's learn a better command of the english language instead of being derogatory to people with disabilities, please!


yup. Naomi is talking to someone else (prob Max? idk). Silver is talking to Ivy.


Also, if you watch the video again and pause, you can tell that Silver is talking to Ivy - NOT Naomi. Plus, if Silver were talking to Naomi, the camera angle would be the same, not a close up and then a pull back.


It looks really good! They really getting out of there high school pattern! I love SIlvers hair(it was better long, but now better than season 3). Naomi will probably have a miscarigge at the end of episode 1 this preview gives me that vibe! Of course no Dixon footage! Can-t wait for sep.13 !


I'm guessing Liam proposes to Annie, but she says no and that's why he is lead into that new chick Jane. Explains why him and Annie break-up. After all, there was something that said that "When he returns, he has made a very interesting decision regarding his relationship with Annie, and it's definitely something viewers will be interested in."
As for Naomi, I think she really is pregnant, but for Silver's response to be "wow" when Naomi asks her seems unrealistic and retarded. So as much as I believe Naomi told Silver, I don't think Silver would tell anyone or say "wow".

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.