Alphas Review: "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure"

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I loved "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure."

It was something that had to be done and it was done very well. Since the pilot, there has been this disconnect between Bill and Gary - a lack of respect - that required mending.

Jailed Bill

Part of that problem was Bill continually trying to get back into the good graces of the FBI after attacking another agent. I don’t think Bill was really thinking that being part of the Alphas team would ever be a permanent thing,which was probably part of the reason why I didn’t really like his character in the premiere. He was just pushing people around.

This time, he was forced to really put his faith in Gary and the team instead of trying to do everything on his own. Granted, this was for selfish reasons, but he had to do so because he was going behind the FBI’s back.

Gary wasn’t entirely without fault either, he doesn’t always fully listen to people. There’s nothing wrong wanting some independence, but there’s a fine line when your job requires communication.

I was happy to see the two of them find some common ground, be partners, and to watch Bill finally decide that he would rather be with the Alphas than the FBI.

Elsewhere, I wasn’t expecting Nina and Cameron to get so close so quickly. I thought there was more of a slow burn between them, but apparently not, as Rachel walked in on them. I still wonder, though, if Nina was telling Cameron the truth about wondering about nothing.

Overall, I was glad to see Bill finally decide to go all in with the Alphas this week. I was a little disappointed to see Rachel on the sidelines this week, but I can get over it since we learned a little bit more about Nina.


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Really loved this episode. Although it really opened my eyes to the Nina/Cameron relationship and I've decided that I'd much rather see Cameron with Rachel. Whilst I do like Nina's character, I feel like she's lacking something and I just don't like her as much as the rest of the team. It was really great to see Bill's character develop in this episode, up until now he's not really shown much a sensitive side so I appreciated that moment of weakness. And, as always, I loved Gary. He was as brilliant as ever and he finally got to drive!


I'm wondering how much local law enforcement are being told about the Alphas. If their existence is going to be shrouded in total secrecy then it's likely we're going to see more misunderstandings like the ones that led to Gary being arrested by the police. That could prove to be problematic for our Alpha friends. Although, for those of us watching the show, these little misunderstandings could lead to very humorous scenarios. I'm also glad to see Bill embrace his role as part of the Alpha team.


Gary needs to respect the police lol!


I really do not like Nina. I would much rather see Cameron with Rachel.

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Alphas Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gary: I told you it was there, I'm a good partner.
Bill: Yes, you are a good partner.

I was already arrested today.