Bachelor Pad: Kissing Contests, Messed Up Relationships

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The devil is gone, or so Kasey Kahl claimed after the elimination of Jake Pavelka. Whichever side you had been on in that feud, it has officially been put to bed.

Now, Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst are taking center stage.

After Blake Julian blatantly made his feelings for Holly known, she was stuck in the middle of a full-blown love triangle. Or quadrangle, if you include Melissa.

Who hooked up? Who became unhinged and was voted out?

Without further delay, let's break down the fourth episode of the ABC summer hit. Follow the link for The Hollywood Gossip's official Bachelor Pad recap!

Michael Stagliano, Holly Durst

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This show is an absolute joke this year. It is a contest for pity sakes, of course everyone is going to lie cheat and steal to win all of that money. An Casey and Vienna what a couple of losers, and Vienna take a clue from all the girls, Casey is a joke, and has bad breath to boot. I do not know which one of you is the bigger loser. You deserve each other.

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