Covert Affairs Sets Return Date, Casts Former Flame for Arthur

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Set your DVR, Covert Affairs fans: the USA series will return for its final six-episode run of season two on November 1.

And at least one of those installments will be shot on location in Berlin and focus on Arthur. Here's how:

The Cast of Covert Affairs

German actress Nina Kronjager will guest star on the spy-themed series as Elsa Von Hagen, an ex-girlfriend of Arthur's from his long-ago past... who disappeared, Ben-style, from his life.

"It wouldn't be [flashbacks], but [her] coming out of the past," producer Matt Corman told TV Guide earlier this month about Else's re-appearance. "He was stationed there right before the Wall fell, so it's got kind of a Cold War feel, but still contemporary. It's a great episode."

We have no doubt it will be.

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if elsa hadn't disappeared, perhaps arthur would have been disposable(someone or something that is eliminated to ensure mission success). parallel lives. weird.


so elsa(perhaps an alias) was a covert operative in deep cover who left her boyfriend,arthur, as their romantic relationship was deemed by the powers in charge a security risk which could have jeopardized a crucial cold war mission? interesting...