CSI: Miami Spoilers: Carlos Bernard vs. Horatio Cane!

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Carlos Bernard, best known for his work as Tony Almeida on 24, has been cast in a season-long arc on CSI: Miami.

Carlos Bernard

"We're going to slowly position Horatio in opposition to a very subtle, but powerful, political patriarch," producer Barry O'Brien tells TV Guide. "He's kind of a Donald Trump meets the Kennedy family... There will be a very high-octane relationship between the two. A hero is as heroic as his opposition is deadly, so we're really going to go there with this character."

Bernard recently guest-starred on Burn Notice and will also play a villain on ABC's updated version of Charlie's Angels.

CSI: Miami returns on Sunday, September 25 and Bernard will debut in late October.


I love you carlos ... I miss you my love....


Horatio is my hero, please don't replace and take him off the programme. He is the only reason I watch every episode. I miss him during the summer.
I am an old person but I sure watch him.


Tony Almeida's back!


It will be so exciting to finally see Carlos back on tv!!!!! I so can't wait!!!

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