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Take a look at Chace's new haircut! Hot damn! That haircut alone deserves a thread of discussion!!


yep Dan and Blair are better as friends, Gooo Chuck and Blair!!!


Dair equal besties!

Chair equal love love love!

Please make Louis go away. I'm sensing a midseason finale with a runaway Blair bride. She said to Serena that the wedding would be November...


Even I pray for the end of the Guest Star date for Chuck. Gives me an upset stomach...


Does it really matter if he does?
Every time a character gets a boyfriend or girlfriend, their partner is either treated like crap by every other character, the central plot as an evil bitch/bastard OR being manipulated by the main character dating them/manipulated by other characters who wanna ruin them for no absolute reasons.
They should just pair all these characters together to spare the dignity of themselves and those around them!


I have a feeling that Dan may have written something nice about Chuck in his book, since Dan wants to be UES so badly anyways, and that could possibly bring an idea of Duck friendship.

And no Dan and Blair romance pleaseeeeeeeee, they are better off as friends. Simple as that.


Thank God. I am a die hard Chair shipper, but am open to Dair. Every season (except for season 2) Chuck and Blair leave off on weird/bad terms and then Chuck goes off and falls in love with other people. It's nice that the writers aren't going down that road again this season(so far).

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