Erica Durance to Guest Star on Charlie's Angels

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Erica Durance is flying over to ABC.

The former Smallville star will appear on an episode of Charlie's Angels in October, portraying a CIA agent named Samantha Masters. Look for this character to share a romantic history with Ramon Rodriguez's Bosley and for her interaction with the "fourth angel" to shed a bit of light on his backstory.

Samantha and Bosley will meet again while on assignment in Cuba.

Down Goes Lois

Get up, Erica Durance! Charlie's Angels needs you!

Charlie's Angels premieres on September 22. Former Lost star John Terry has also booked an appearance on the series.


I watched the show, not bad. A little cliche and cheesy at times but not bad. I saw on the credits that Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Tom Flores executively-produced the show. So I get why Erica Durance would get a guest starring role. I just wish Tom Welling got Bosley. I know he's ridiculously good-looking but I like him better than Ramon Rodriguez. We'll see how this show goes.


Hope the show will last that long to see her ! Cross my fingers...


She Is so TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her man, and I hope she rocks the show ;)


Nothing Mallville about Erica Durance. She was the best thing to have happened to that faux Superman show.

Uncle jackass

"S M aka Samantha Masters" = S Mallville


So happy to have the awesome Erica D back on my TV screen!

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