Glee to Introduce Major Character's Mother, Reality Show Winners

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Major Glee spoiler warning. Do not read on if you wish to be surprised by the role of a Glee Project winner, the arrival of a certain character's parent and more...

Damian will be the first Glee Project champion to appear on the series. He'll portray an exchange student named Rory and live with Brittany's family.

Speaking of Brittany, the show is casting for her mother.

Samuel Larsen will show up about halfway through the season.

There will be NO guest stars on any of the first nine episode.

Glee kicks off season three on Tuesday, September 20.

[Source: E! News]


Lisa Kudrow would be PERFECT for Brittany's mom. I feel as if they modeled Brittany after Phoebe on Friends.


If your articles are always this hluepfl, “I'll be back.”


This information proved to be wrong... Lindsay was in the first episode and Rory hasn't been introduced yet.


kristin wiig of snl as b's mom - hands down the best choice


I want her parents to bo super smart. That would throw people off.


Don't care!!!

Gaby ee

Yes! Lisa Kudrow would be an amazing choice for Brittany's mom.


No guest stars yay!


Lisa Kudrow would be pretty funny, especially if she was as ditzy as Brittany (maybe Brittany has a reasonably smart father, or vice versa and Lisa was the despairing smart mother whose husband is a tad dim?).


I've mentioned this before but LISA KUDROW HAS TO PLAY BRITTANY'S MOTHER.

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