Gossip Girl Burning Questions: Who is Pregnant? Why is Chuck in Trouble?

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Why is Chuck all bruised up? Who is pregnant?

We're looking to you for theories on these burning Gossip Girl topics, which are chief among the many burning questions as we gear up for Season 5 in September.

Regarding the photo of a banged-up Chuck that surfaced a few weeks ago, sources say he is in "big trouble," but "something positive comes out of Chuck's brawl."

Quite cryptic. What do you think that could be?

Blair and the Prince

As for Chuck and Blair, Louis (Hugo Becker) is reportedly still very concerned about how Blair feels about Chuck, but they are definitely still planning their wedding.

Meanwhile, "someone is definitely pregnant," according to E! Online, "and it is too juicy to spill." Now that's a teaser. Who do you think has a bun in the oven?

We got a glimpse of the pregnancy test at the tail end of the Season 4 finale, but we don't know who it belonged to, and clearly, there's more than one possibility.

Well? Chime in below with your thoughts!

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Hey guys! Blair isn't pregnant, but Georgina. Dan's
I'm serious!!! Trust me!


It makes sense chronologically that it is Blair is pregnant. She had sex with Chuck, the season ends 3 weeks later, mother nature makes its round every 28 days. There MUST be a reason to why it ends 3 weeks later, not 2, not 1. At least to us as the audience, that's how it should work out realistically. It's not Eleanor, she can't have any more kids and she stated during Thanksgiving. Why would Lily take a pregnancy test in Blair/Serena's bathroom? It's not Dorota. It could be Charlie/Ivy, but really there is no point to her pregnancy. She never did it with any of the main guys. Plus why would she take a test in Blair's bathroom? I don't see why someone (Georgina) would plant a test there. It was in the garbage, so obviously one person saw it. It also had to be recent because Dorota would do her job and empty trash everyday. Then again, it is television so literally anything can happen. There is no common sense most of the time, lol. These are the same producers who some how sped up Kaitlyn Cooper's growth in The OC.


i hope blair is not pregnant i really do that would make things so awkward for everyone if it was serena i'd be fine with it she's kind of slutty anyway


I think it's Blair because it showed Blair and Chuck having "Goodbye Sex" and also because of the photos that were released indictcating that something might be going on. I also think someone for sure is pregnant because there hasn't been anything """EXCITING LIKE THAT"" for the GG Gang so I have feeling it's Blair's... :)


I hope its Blair and Chuck's baby! Then Louis can go back to Paris and Blair and Chuck can get married!!!!!!!!!!!


AS someone said earlier in the comments, if it's Serena or Blair, it will resort to the three AAAs. Abortion, Accident or adoption.
I just can't imagine a GG baby.
I can see the pregnant storyline, but I don't see the baby happening.
I'm guessing it's Lily's. Or maybe that's just because I really, really want it to be her's. Couldn't you imagine Rufus trying to raise that kid while Mommy is in jail?
But it would make a heck of a storyline if Blair was. But, then again, if Chuck and Blair do get together again, as we all know they will, do you really want it to be because of a kid, and not because they just want to be together themselves?


Everyone wants a Baby Bass, but I reckon GG is double bluffing. So we think its a tad obvious that its Chair so everyone thinks it ISN'T them BUT then it actually is. Slightly confusing way of doing it but I highly doubt its anyone's but Blair. It was in her apartment, so either Serena would have had a very well-kept love affair and got pregnant (probably the last straw for Lily) or its Dorota (again?!), Eleanor (too old + they already did that twist so...) And we're back to the Baby Bass issue. So its simply GOT to be double bluffing.
You know I'm right. Xoxo


Maybe it's Dorota again. Hope it's baby Bass tho.


I dnt think is serena but i will prefer bliar to be the one so that we've baby bass..hahahaha

Luoise elena

if its blair it's totaly great as long as chuck is the father and not her so-called-prince-charming louis

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