Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Premiere: First Promo & Sneak Peek!

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We knew it was going to be a tough road for Meredith.

Still, we weren't quite prepared for something like this.

The first sneak preview for Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy has been released, and it leaves no doubt about how Mer's professional transgressions are viewed by her employer.

Watch her meet with Richard in this clip from "Free Fallin'" ...

The two-part episode airs September 22. Will Derek be just as hostile toward Meredith? How will Alex be received by his colleagues, given his role in Meredith's downfall? Which way is Cristina leaning as far as the monumental decision she faces?

Follow the jump for ABC's first promo:

How do you predict all of these story lines will end up when the dust settles next month? Leave a comment below to discuss these clips from the eighth season ...

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I dont get somthing how does she get fired when she was doing good not bad. people have done much worse izzy cut a persons life line christina stole lungs and more things other ppl did and they didnt get fired or it wasnt that big of a deal everyone basically praised them, and they tried to get them back including der>


we all have seen everybody in this hospital ignoring all rules.... before it happened with deny & ezzi ,it happened with christena and the burk thing it happened again with mredeth disobeying the rules several times, everybody makes mistakes we're not angels and let's look at it this way meredith didn't hurt anybody yet she might have helped adil -the chief's wife- , so why can't they cut her some slack and try to make things work without her being fired ?!!!!! Frankly am on meredith's side cause i agree that things are not black and white we're not living in a perfect world .........On the other hand about chrestina i don't think that any woman should have a baby when she thinks that she won't be a good mom or for any other reason even if her husband thinks otherwise ...... you can't depend on luck when it comes to a living person it's not fair ... of course Owen has every right to want a baby & a family but he can't have what he wants & cristena he has 2 choose !!!!


It's called "GREY'S" Anatomy for a reason!!! Don't get rid of Meredith! Please Ellen Pompeo, don't give up on the show!!


I think that Owen is wrong to be upset. Yes it is their baby so why should Cristina only take his thoughts into account. Unfortunately they are on two different sides of the spectrum. You either have the baby or you don't, there is no middle grounds. Cristina aborting the baby shows that she is responsible because she honestly thinks she wouldn't be a good mother. Why test the theory on a living person? When/If the time is right, then they can have a baby. Meredith getting fired is something we all knew in the back of our minds was going to happen we just all wish it didn't. I hope that Meredith and Derek do stay together but who knows. Lastly, I don't care what happens to Karev. I don't care if people are mean to him or if something bad happens to him. He has been the biggest jerk in the whole show. There has only been a handful of times that he has shown compassion. That's karma for you Alex.


this is so not fair! Meredith deserve a 2nd chance. Derek n Meredith belongs together. this show needs a happy ending! do something n fix it! don't broke my heart, i really love this show.


There firing meredith because she wants off the show thats why burke left cuz he used incredibly innapropriate language on the set against omally! This is merediths last season so I doubt she wil get her job back!!!


What I can't understand is why Christina isn't on some kind of birth control, I mean after all, she's a doctor! Who knows more about biology. And then there's everybody getting surprised pregnant all the time on that show. I would seriously wonder how smart these doctors really are if I was a patient of theirs. Seriously!


this is some BS. izzie keep her job after she KILLED A PATIENT. meredith better get her job back


So.. what....? They drag us through seven seasons of getting Mer and Derek together and staying together and now they're just going to pull them apart all over again? WWHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!? Christina made a really bad career choice with Burke's hand and Izzy made a super bad choice with Denny's LVAD wire and theeyyy didn't get fired. I don't like where I see this going. Not. One. Bit.


derek go no where we love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.merder 4 eva.shonda please make sure they dont break up

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