Grey's Anatomy Teaser Pic: Father-Daughter Love

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He may be on the outs with Meredith, but this shot of Derek and Zola from the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy should give McDreamy fans plenty to smile about.

MerDer's adoption of the adorable little girl was somewhat overshadowed by the blowup over the clinical trial. Hopefully, Zola will help reunite the show's core couple.

Check out this page in TV Guide and Shonda Rhimes' quote below ...

Derek and Zola!
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To 6,7,and 8 he did it for her that's why he's so mad he wanted to make sure that they could have a life together that if she does have the disease then they can cure it he is mad because she messed up hs plans for a long happy life together that would have been the best gift he could ever give but yes he is wrong for leaving but he needed to cool off i dobt think they gonna make it extreme my concern is for alex he lost his girl and a dream job at the same time so i feel sorry for him even tho he told on mer


I'm going to watch the first episode of the season and see what they have it store for Meredith and Derek and Zola. I used to love Mer/Der but now I'm starting to think she is better off without him. He's verbally abusive and walks away when the going gets rough. The break up thing is getting old and professional writers should be able to keep things interesting for a couple without breaking them up.


i like merder... that being said derek always has a way of making me dislike him... lol perhaps mer should have a go with mark..i always thought they had an interesting dynamic... mer and avery would be interesting with the understanding of having famous parents..
i think the writers will be predictable and bring derek back to meredith.. but i think meredith would have a lot more strength without always having to cater to derek's ego and black and white mentality.. it would be a switch to see derek chase meredith for a change instead of her chasing him..


Great picture! Isn't Zola's Daddy's hair turning more grey by the day!


MerDer belong together. I think it's idiotic that Derek left Mer over some work related thing that he did for her to begin with. I refuse to watch Grey's until they reunite my super couple. Sick of the break-up and make-up crap. Move on and give them a storyline that they work through as a team.


I love mer/der, want them back together quickly they belong together need to work together and definately time to quit the ego stripping slap it out of him for good. Zola will hopefully be a breath of fresh air for both of them, maybe Mer does need to point out he has been the one to walk away everytime make him realize he has flaws too but doesn't want Zola grow up without 2 parents like she had to. No more walking away we are parents together.
Also in the OT really hope he realizes Mer is gonna be a neuro surgeon and he needs her by his side as no one is as good as her in Neuro.


@the 2 people below my comment thank u I agree with everything u said I know she messed up his trial but he did it for her & for him to act so rude to her is beyond stupid. Of course he's upset because she ruined his ego don't u all remember when he took credit for their last trial? Shonda said Zola will get them together in a suprising, painful, & wonderful way. He needs to go back to her because mer and Zola is his world also can't wait for the ep where I assume mer will tell him off


@ Patricia Erwin Masterton, I couldn't agree more. Derek has a lot of growing up to do. There are times when I want to strangle him with his ego. I'm also sick of how GA managed to incorporate yet another rift in the Mer/Der relationship for ratings sake. I am much more interested in seeing them work together as a couple. I really wish Derek's anger was scripted differently. As viewers, we should understand his anger and support it. Instead, the writers made him a complete ass and it's hard for me to remember why his anger is justified. Meredith put his career and his study on the line though that was not her intention. However, Derek's moral soap box holds no credibility considering that he began a relationship with her when he was married to someone else and kissed Rose when he was in a relationship with Meredith or when he slept with Rose and admitted to Mark that he thought of Meredith the whole time. These actions aren't consistent with someone with great morals....


Sorry, but I feel like Derek has been the worst part of this relationship. Meredith has put up from so much from him: lying about his wife, kissing the nurse, he doesn't always treat her very nicely either. And now he violated the post it in the wors way possible. This is twice that he has made a promise and broken it. What Meredith did might be wrong, but she did it with love...he does his from ego. Shondra needs to make him be McDreamy again...maybe being a Dad will do that for him.


I should have said that the Shepherd children had a happy childhood until their dad was shot, but their mom was a caring single parent

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)