Happy 24th Birthday, Blake Lively!

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Gossip Girl leading lady Blake Lively turns 24 years old today.

The Southern California native has become quite the hot commodity in the last couple of years, charting a course from the CW drama to full-fledged movie stardom.

Her role in Green Lantern showed her silver screen potential, and she's even dating Leonardo DiCaprio now. That whole photo leak? Water under the bridge.

Happy birthday, Blake! Leave your wishes for Ms. Lively below!

Blake the Beautiful
Red Carpet Blake
Blake in a Blue Dress
Classic Blake as Serena
Blake Lively at The Town Premiere
van der Woodsen, Serena
Awkward Alert!
Mona Serena Smile
Serena at the Snowflake Ball
Serena at the Wedding
Often a Difficult Friendship

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Serena!!! :D I wish you all the best!


Happy birthday blake!! I'm your huge fan!! I love you very much♥


happy birthdayyyyyy gorgeousss... may the writer write a better storyline for u... SERENATE season 5


Happy birthday gorgeous! Let's hope GG does your acting justice and gives you awesome story lines this year, alongside Chase of course.
And all the luck in your love life! Don't underestimate yourself!


Happy birthday dear!

Uncle jackass

Happy Birthday, best wishes and hopefully a less stressful year.

Jade loves dair



happy bday blake...one of my fav actresses ever and extremely beautiful as well


Happy Birthday Blake ;)


Happy birthday gorgeous!!! Keep shining and sparkling.. You go, Blake!!!


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