Is There Hope For Cristina & Owen on Grey's Anatomy?

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It's not too late for Owenstina.

Kevin McKidd has hinted, more than once, that there will be major storm clouds on the horizon and more than a few surprises ahead for the dynamic surgical duo.

An unplanned pregnancy will do that.

There will be bumps in the road, no doubt. Long term, however, "the writers are very much invested in Cristina and Owen and want them to work it out," E! reports.

Gimme Some Loving

Will happy (sober) days return soon enough?

How do you think they'll work through her decision, whatever it might be? Will the pregnancy end up bringing them closer together in the end? Sounds like it.

It should be unpredictable and intense to watch. Sound off on these topics below and check out more Grey's Anatomy Season 8 spoilers by following the link.

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I think- Cristina remembers her previous 'baby' drama and how it turned out, and she's afraid of opening herself up to that kind of pain, again. Luckily, Owen didn't stand her up and leave her heart, broken and her career in jeopardy. No, he took a bullet to save her best friend and he loved Cristina, the way she was. The fact that she told Owen- in the first place, tells me that Cristina might consider, having the baby. After all, she- did- say that she would love the baby, if she had it, and we all know how happy Owen would be, about that. Maybe a few therapy sessions with Wyatt, might explore the reasons behind her strong, desire- to avoid motherhood; and, the cruel and heartless, treatment of Owen. Let's hope. Once, when Cristina asked Ellis Grey (S3?), "Is it possible, to be a great surgeon and have a life (kids) too. Ellis didn't say yes or no. She answered, simply, "I didn't try hard enough." We- all- know that Cristina loves a challenge. I predict that something will happen, which causes Cristina to want the baby, more than ever. Something- that will make them a family.


I have a feeling Cristina's going to have the baby. I think she's going to realize that even though it's not her dream, it's owen's. And although she doesn't seem to care what Owen wants, she will realize he's worth it. Plus I was looking at old interviews and I came across one of Kevin McKidd during season 6. He said that the original finale of season 5 was that Cristina was pregnant, and was going to keep the baby. At the last minute, Shonda decided it wasn't the right time. I mean if Cristina was going to keep the baby then, and her and Owen weren't even together, I'm hoping she'd decide to have the baby so she can save her marriage.


Sweet Jesus, people. If I read one more comment about how stupid it was of Cristina not to use birth control, I’m gonna scream. News flash, the pill isn’t 100% effective. No form of birth control (except not having sex, obviously) is 100% effective. I’m pretty sure everyone who has made a comment about Cristina being too stupid to use birth control has zero experience with birth control or sex in general, honestly, because your doctor with ground it into you that the pill isn’t 100% effective when they prescribe it to you, and it should be common sense that condoms can break – though most people in long term relationships don’t use condoms when their partner is on the pill. This is high school sex ed stuff, people. And it’s absurd to think that no one who has a friend who can’t have children should ever get pregnant themselves for fear of offending their friend. Especially when that friend literally just adopted a child. I mean, come on. If Meredith is really so shallow that she’d be pissed at Cristina for the unthinkable crime of having a baby, she’s not only a terrible friend but also a terrible person. Now, if Meredith were to take the stance that Cristina having an abortion would be throwing away what Meredith so desperately wants but can’t have, I think I’d find that to be a fairly compelling storyline, even though I still don’t think Meredith’s inability to have children should influence Cristina’s decision at all. But, it seems to me like that would be a much more rational response than Meredith being all “if I can’t have a kid no one should be able to�. I’d honestly rather Meredith keep her personal crap out of it and just be a supportive friend, but she seems incapable of not making everything about her, so I’d rather they’d have her make it about her in a way that’s actually somewhat helpful – pointing out to Cristina that with her one fallopian tube if she aborts this pregnancy there’s a decent shot that she may not be able to get pregnant again if she ever changes her mind and could easily end up exactly where Meredith is now. Just my two cents. I honestly don't care if Cristina keeps the baby or not as long as the story line is well done and the reasoning for her choice is believable – I’d really hate if she used the baby to blackmail Owen into rehiring Meredith like a couple people suggested because that just makes my skin crawl. And I don’t even want to have kids, so I can only imagine how poorly that would go down with people who actually have/want kids. A child isn’t a bargaining chip, and I hope the writers realize that because if they don’t I have the feeling that they’ll lose quite a few viewers.


Cristina should keep the baby and she will
just beacuse Cristina loves Owen always and forever, that's simple!! Cristina will be a great cadio god one day, just like many successful female doctors also have a wonderful family,but Sandra oh must stay to GA s10


Christina should not have a baby no matter what Owen wants!He knew when he met her that she does not like kids-she just cares about medicine!


A pregnant Cristina Yang would be very entertaining.


look at CO couple's sweet picture, I can't help but leave a message we all know GA has a bigger problem that's so many regulars, not Yang's anatomy, or Callie's anatomy


If Cristina keeps the baby, I only see this storyline going one way without ruining her personality to me. Cristina (crying on his doorstep): Owen, I'll keep the baby if you'll hire my best friend back. If Cristina decides to keep the baby for other than that I see that as out-of-character.


why would the whole show be focused on MerDer when there are so many other characters that we are all interested in? that earlier comment seems to be the consensus of MerDer fans. I want to see what happens to CrOwen, want some happiness for Alex and want to see Bailey develop her relationship with Eli. Also there will be some intense and emotional moments with the Chief and Adele. Bring on Season 8


I have not complained, I love the whole of greys team and really looking forward to season 8 and hopefully beyond.

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