Justin Chambers Weighs In On Grey's Anatomy Future

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ABC has announced that Desperate Housewives will end after its eighth season in May 2012. Is the end of the road approaching for Grey's Anatomy, as well?

Creators Shonda Rhimes has said bluntly that Grey's will not end after its eighth campaign next spring, but the stars' uncertain contract situations remain.

Justin Chambers is the latest cast member to discuss the series' future.

Chief Resident Contender

“It makes me sad to know that we’re closer to the end [than the beginning],” the actor who plays Alex tells TV Line. “[But] it’s been a great ride. It really has."

"There was no better job that I could’ve fallen into.”

Like Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo, Chambers is unsure about whether he’ll sign a new deal for a ninth season, even there's even a show to return to.

“I don’t know if I’ll go farther,” he says. “I don’t know if the show will go farther. When we get to that point, we’ll go from there. It’s going to end sooner or later."

"It’s just about ending well and the audience getting what they want."

What would that entail, if this were a last hurrah of sorts? "Maybe there are some amends made with the characters, because they’re all very flawed.”

If the original cast members, whose contracts expire at the end of Season 8, don't return, might some of the newer additions anchor the medical drama?

“It’s possible [it could go on], but I doubt it,” Chambers says. “Meredith is the voice of the show We need that voice - I do think that. That’s a big part of it.”

Rhimes concedes that “I don’t presume to speak for the studio or the network,” but at the same time adds, "I don’t think this is the last season of the show.”

ABC president Paul Lee said only that “Hopefully, [it] is going to go on for many, many years to come." Regarding the stars' expiring contracts, he says:

"We don’t have to face that for some time.”

If nothing else, this is going to be one memorable swan song for the cast and fans. The second hour of Grey's Anatomy's September 22 season premiere will be its 150th episode. It's hard to believe it's been that many, with hopefully another 50-100 more to come.

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Hi! I know PD already decided not to pursue GA after its eight season.. but did ellen made her decision final as well?
How about Sandra? She;s my favorite character in GA, Did she already made any interview whatsoever.. whether she's going to renew her contract or not?
Gee, I love MERDER team.. but i think I can survive even if its just Meredith and Cristina (and alex) left in GA. Coz these three are the HEART AND SOUL of Grey's Anatomy.


SO Elen Pompeo leaves, Patrick leaves I sure as hell wont watch this dam show! I watch because they are in it, and this show is going down hill especially if they leave!


all that i have to say is? it's a drama thing's go like crap then they fix them.thing's go smoth for a little bit then it get's crazy again, that's will alway's keep people coming back,thursday's is greys day, cant someone have something to look forward to every week in this messed up world, grey's anatomy take million's of people to a happy place it's posted by fan's all over the internet,mash ran forever i believe grey's can too, it's up to the writer's and the cast to wanna keep it alive because they definatly have the fans, thank you for listening deticated grey's anatomy fan:)


I love to watch GA I'd hate to see it end I watch all the reruns
over and over again Can't wait to see the show come back this fall
I just wish that Knight hadn't been killed off I just love the
cast C Wilson is so great she a wonderful actress and I just
hope Kathrine H will be back Keep the show going the
Writer are the best...... Norma


GA without MerDer,unthinkable.To loose too Justin really emphasises the original remaining cast are probably mulling over an exit too. The GA fan base will be shrinking so just how is continuing GA gonna be a success?


I don't know why so many people complain that the show's sucks now, but those people keep watching...
Get rid of Jackson and maybe Teddy
And for the love of God: Bring back Mexie!!!!


If EP, PD and JC leave I really am starting to think maybe SO will leave too. I agree with Justin, Meredith is the voice of the show. GA will have to have a fresh way of producing the show. Lexie should not do take over doing the introductory or ending dialogue, she is not the Grey!! Meredith is a complex character who has been through the mill for 7 seasons. Lexie is the girl next door and very few flaws, not interesting enough to increase the ratings


Just read it on TVline ... Chambers admits he “would love� to see Katherine Heigl return to give their storyline closure. “Heigl is so fun,� he raves. “She is one of the funnest people I’ve ever worked with. She really is a special gal. I would love to have her back. Maybe we will before the season ends.� FTW Justin!!! Seriously if this happens i will forgive shonda for all the things and messes she has created in the past two seasons! PLEASE Bring IZZIE back!!!!


I can not wait in till sep 22 i been counting down the days I hope it never end bc i would not know wat to do with my Thursday nights i love ya'll keep doing the great job ya'll are doing !!!!!


Hey Dr Owen Hunt is going to be the new Chief of Surgery. Can't wait for season 8 to begin in 6 weeks. 6 weeks let's start the countdown. So excited.

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