Peter Berg Confirms Plans for Friday Night Lights Movie

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On one hand, the series ended so perfectly. On the other... who could possibly not get excited about more of Coach, Mrs. Coach, clear eyes and really full hearts?

At yesterday's session of the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, Friday Night Lights producer Peter Berg confirmed plans to turn take this drama to the big screen. He told reporters:

"We have a real good script idea... We’re very serious about doing it. We intend to do it... [the] goal would be to focus the film around Kyle and Connie and bring [in] some new characters and then bring in some of our familiar faces. We have, I think, a really fresh, very original take on it."

Tim at Home

Is there more out there for Tim Riggins and company?

Berg said he hopes to begin filming in the next year.

It's hard to imagine how a show that specialized in subtly and nuance could deliver the same kind of raw emotion to a movie theater. But it's also hard not to trust the people involved.

Do you wanna see a Friday Night Lights feature film?

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Leigh r

while i'm not sure how I feel about them making the movie, I wholeheartedly agree that it's hard not to trust the people involved! Incredible cast, producers, showrunners, everything. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts.


this article made my day. omg omg omg. i miss my FNL fix. hands down the best most realistic tv show out there. i wish it got the credit it deserved. i'm glad i was recognized by the emmys this year.


YESSS!the best news!I agree, the ending was perfect, but i just can't miss the show more than i do. It wasn't fair how it got treated, here in Spain it didn't even get a chance to be watched...i know how strange will be to see them in a big screen, but i trust that they will do a job as great as always.


Friday Night Lights Quotes

Coach: You may never know how proud I am of you.
Vince: You changed my life Coach.

I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

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