Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty Win The Glee Project, Will Appear on Season Three

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If Glee is a show that gives a voice to those typically considered "losers" in high school, The Glee Project turned out to be a show in which there were no real losers. At least not when it came to last night's finale.

In a surprising twist, Ryan Murphy named both Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty winners, while also handing out a pretty big consolation prize to Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell: they'll appear on two season three episodes of Glee.

The Glee Project Finalists

Samuel and Damian, meanwhile, are now booked for seven apiece. What roles will they take on? That's a surprise.

On the finale, all four contestants banded together for renditions of "Don't Stop Believing" and "Raise Your Glass." They then sang a choice of their choice for Murphy, the judges and a handful of Glee cast members.

In the end, Murphy announced the final decision and said it wasn’t based on “any of [the contestants'] individual talents, it’s about the needs of the show.” It should be interesting to see how these four serve those needs when Glee returns on September 20.

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I'm so happy for Sam...he's so unique that it's hard to take my eyes off of him. I'm glad that the others got to be on glee too. Plus I'm happy cameron quit....there's nothing worse than an "actor" who can't put his own feelings aside for the sake of a role.


damian mcginty is a part of group that was/ is called Celtic Thunder. how is it that murphy keeps pulling already famous people out of the woodwork when he says he wants normal people who have talent? i am quickly losing interest in Glee....this is sad because it was such a good show....

Gaby ee

I love Damian and Lindsay and I'm so glad we will see them on Glee!


Too bad Cameron decided to leave the show he was the best contestant.

Glee Quotes

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I just want somebody to love me.