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Both Mike and Harvey navigated some rather fragile situations this week, but instead of trying to "Play The Man," it was all about the women in their lives.

Mike attempted to reconcile what was broken between himself and Rachel after she found out his big secret, all while trying to beat his mock trial opponent in front of the firm's associates.

Harvey and Scotty

Harvey had an even harder time fighting his emotions, as Dana Scott, better known as Scotty, clouded his judgment with regard to a very lucrative merger. Lucky for Harvey, time and a little perspective got him back on top of his game.

I was not a big fan of the two hook ups that took place. I get that Suits is USA Network's attempt to push the entertainment envelope, but I value its programming for the usual lack of blatant sexual content.

That complaint aside, Suits was prime fodder for relationship development this week.

Mike's attempt to own the mock trial competition exposed his naivete in negotiating deals, but also featured his ability to think quickly and effectively on his feet. The case law and counter-suit were genius.

What was Mike NOT so skilled at working? The ladies. Rachel was still raw over his lie, putting them in a back and forth anger match. In desperation, he turned to Jenny, who he last saw when he kissed her... and then fled.

I'm surprised at how loyal and willing to keep his secret both Jenny and Rachel seem to be, making it difficult for anyone to make an objective assessment of who is the better match for him. I'm still deciding at least. I wonder what impact their having met will have on the situation, if any.

It really demonstrated Mike's true feelings for Rachel when he refused to go after her character on cross examination. He was clearly aware and sensitive to the the fact that their conflict outside the realm of the mock trial had seeped its way into the proceedings. Rachel recognized and appreciated that astuteness, therein ending their tiff.

While Mike earned some serious respect from the viewers, both Jessica and Harvey were disapproving of his "softness." And neither passed up the opportunity to tell him so.

Mike really set himself apart when he declared that he wasn't only deciding what kind of lawyer he wanted to be, but what kind of person. It truly sums up the journey Mike is taking. I, for one, am anxious to see where it leads.

Other highlights:

  • Harvey and Louis reminiscing and placing wagers on the outcome of the mock trial.
  • Mike recruiting Donna without even having to ask.
  • Donna's performance on the stand.
  • Harvey being a closet Trekkie.
  • Harvey and Donna trading witty banter over Scotty.


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i dont understand the complaint about the sex scenes... i love the show the way it is.


This is a series nothing short of a success. The dynamic between characters is refreshingly marvelous (Kudos USA network). Gabriel Macht's ability to connect with featured guests is precisely what makes him A-list material for an actor. Though deemed "racy" by some, and perhaps crushing for the feminine audience that can't help but be smitten by the intriguing and provocative senior partner (Harvey)- the scene is a window to Harvey's mystifying character that we DESPERATELY needed an entry to. The attempt is commendable and rather appreciated in this end of the court...though I confess I was not emotionally equipped for the introduction of a woman capable of evoking passion,compassion, and slips from such a well-groomed character as Mr. Specter- erroneous! (kidding)


The script was full of holes. For one, Rachel didn't just plan to cheat, she discovered his secret by having actually set that ball in motion.
Jessica called Mike on his softness and naivete -- I didn't buy it. Did everyone already forget it was his "softness" that won the client Louis could not land? Harvey's advice to "play the [people]" includes juries and judges -- or should have. How could Jessica not have appreciated the potential of a good closing and not wanted to at least observe the possibilities? Wasn't that the point of a mock trial, to observe the associates in action? A powerful closing would have shown the partners, the whole firm, a side of Mike, a talent, a winning ability, that the more cutthroat associates -- not to mention Louis and yes, even Harvey -- lack. We've seen Harvey's ability to play the people and Jenny had told Mike to be himself, to use his natural charm. I don't believe he'd have simply given up. He should have reapproached Rachel gently then closed powerfully, the flip side of Harvey's manipulative coin. fortyseven is correct in saying Mike's "'kind of person I want to be speech'" while nice was immaterial." Jessica's verdict without allowing closing arguments went against the point of the mock trial and as well as other points made by the script. That's just not good storytelling.


The show is a legal drama, Mike's not just gonna be fired or quit the firm so his "kind of person I want to be speech" while nice was immaterial. Mike should not still be so naive. The writers could also not have Harvy and Mike's plots contain the same themes as much.
Donna's hilarious, she needs to be on more.
Mike and Rachel have great scenes whether amicable or antagonistic. I'd rather no Jenny, and Mike and Rachel as friends because I'm tired of the romantic melodrama too many shows contain.
Kobayashi Maru! Funny!


I really like this show and was disappointed that this episode had the sexual scenes. I'm concerned that if it continues it will be added to my long list of immoral shows I can no longer watch. I hope it does not go that route.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

Like this show a lot. Casual hook ups? not for me but to each their own........
And as already mentioned this is CABLE tv and not network tv........if your offended by the sexual content ..turn the channel.....but you know you won't...


Mike should not have hooked up with Trevor's girlfriend, Jenny. I do respect the advice that she gave Mike. I think that in a cutthroat world, Mike is setting himself apart from those at the firm. He has a kind heart. The others should not have scolded him for that. Didn't Jessica have a soft heart towards her ex-husband? It is a cold and lonely place at the top at this law firm.


didnt really have a problem with the sexual content but yeah I think it was a few episodes early lol. What did throw me thou was mike's hookup; he keeps saying he's not like all the other lawyers dat care more bout the money than the clients but he does realise he's acting like a typical player with rachel/susie(her names not susie is it?) and yes I get dat he doesnt want to be seen as dat kind of lawyer but really? he had to go easy on her because it was getting personal, man up mike jus hope to god he wouldn't do dat in a real trial, i'd like to see him win a case, any case on his own without help from harvey or rachel. we get it- little fish big pond but you asked for it mike so man up and take control.... moving on, I gotta say the pic of louis on his desk was jokes


I didn't feel the review had an issue with sex scenes in general. But this show (like White Collar) has really made an effort to develop a camaraderie between Harvey and Mike and to show the growth of the two of them as characters. Other than the pilot, the sex on this show has been practically non-existent. So to suddenly have an episode full of it does seem either odd, a ratings ploy or at the very least a few steps ahead of the rest of the plot. It's a fair question to wonder what sort of show Suits is going to be...the romantic lives of the characters or the Harvey/Mike story? That said, I actually didn't mind the Harvey sex at all and only had slight issues with Mike's. I felt like Harvey's story was to further the point made in the pilot, that he's a bit of a womanizer and not into commitment (or so he'd like to believe). Also, Harvey pointed out that feelings can be damned if it comes to winning a case, a stark contrast to Mike's code of ethics. Mike on the other hand seemed odd to me. I totally got that he and Jenny would hook up but its also been several episodes since we've seen her. Plus, as other reviews have mentioned, the friendship alone between Mike and Rachael has been intriguing. My only real issue this week was that the show seemed to speed up a love triangle that didn't need to be sped up. Um but seriously, Donna is the greatest character on this show and probably on summer television. The woman has perfected the single tear for either eye.


I don't think the reviewer meant that the network should not show sex scenes. I think it is more about whether this is what we want to see in this show as it is more about the bromance and male friendship. Not so much about romantic relationships as a distraction.

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