Taylor Momsen: I've Quit Acting

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Those hoping for the eventual return of Taylor Momsen to Gossip Girl may not want to hold their breath. The 18-year-old says she's done with acting for good.

"I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band," she told Elle. That's pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to only do it for the rest of my life."

In November, Momsen began an "indefinite hiatus" from Gossip Girl amid her busy music schedule, plus numerous shocking wardrobe choices and interviews.

New Taylor Momsen Hair

In May, the CW confirmed that this coming season, she would not be reprising her role as Jenny Humphrey. Jessica Szohr will also not be back Vanessa Abrams.

As far as Momsen's concerned, that's all good with her: "Music is all I ever wanted to do with my life," she says. "I've dreamed of wanting to make records and tour."

"It's very exciting that our first record is coming out and people can actually hear it."

While you can never rule out a cameo appearance, it doesn't seem like any storyline involving Little J is in the cards. She'll be missed, but we wish her the best!

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Taylor was a terrible actress and is a crap human being. I'm just thankful she's gone from a good show. Hopefully now the bitch will die out of the media eye and the trash girl can go live a trash life.


She really is a great singer so I am happy for her. I can't wait for more Pretty Reckless songs! I amm sad that she is quitting Gossip Girl since she was such a central character in the past. I really hope for the finale of the show she just shows up for a little bit, maybe to Dan's wedding?


Thank God. I f***ing hate Jenny and Vanessa! Is Connor Paolo really not returning? Eric is so great! He can't!


it's so sad some of the cast has to go. it's not really Gossip Girl without them :(


I love how we got this press release a few months ago saying " they will be making special appearances " but now the true comes out and Taylor quit and Jessica is gone and unfortunadly so is Connor ,gg lost a a lot of the original scense with this departures , I think , I guess we only can wait and see how long does last before more chracters die or go " away".


I love her. i will miss her, but wish her the best of luck on tour. hopefully she will come downunder - she has an amazing voice. I truly think she was one of the best characters on gossip girl and with her departure i wonder if they will get someone else to replace her as 'jenny'? or not. i really think jenny and nate were amazing together and that's the reason behind why he's not happy with serena or anyone else ;). as for Vanessa i couldn't care less.


I am really happy to see the offical departure of both these characters. I have always hated Vanessa- She was whiney, and wore organic clothes, she held Dan back for so long! As for LilJ I actually liked her Season 1-Beginning of Season 2 until she got obsessed with her fashion. And when Taylor got really involved in her music, it showed in her peformance as Jenny Humphrey, didnt look Great :/


I'm glad jenny humphery is gone.Was hoping she'd die d movie.Disturbed gehl.


I won't miss the Jenny character - at all.
But I'm glad she found something to do with her life and is able to do it without her parents pushing her into other stuff. You go, Taylor. (And I never thought I'd ever say that).


Who needs her? (I'm gonna miss Jenny so much. She gave great storylines to the show. I was hoping that she could be in the last episodes or something when the show ends...) Keep singing that trashy music (I love Pretty Reckless but I'm gonna miss her so much in GG and I'm looking for something to be mad about) Good Luck, Taylor...

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