Teen Wolf Season Finale Preview: Who Will Die?

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The stage is set... for someone to die.

Following another strong episode of Teen Wolf, the MTV drama has viewers set up for a character's demise, as producer Jeff Davis promised a key death a few weeks ago. Who will it be? We welcome all guesses.

All we can say for certain about the finale, titled "Code Breaker," is that Hale will make a very tempting offer to Stiles. See what we mean in the following trailer and sneak peek:

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derek, scott, alyson, jackson, lydia...... NONE OF THEM ARE DYING. I think the alpha is dying cause in season 2 derek will become the alpha! And no one knows what lydia will be, but there will be a female werewolf... No one knows who it is yet. Derek might choose jasckson to join his pack, but im not sure bout scott.... STILES WILL FOREVER BE HUMAN! He will not change!


i was right! :)


In the interview this morning on kisfm, the talk show host said she thinks that Allison will be turned into a wolf, and Mr. Argent will be the one to die. When she said that Tyler Posey said why did you tell them that?! So that would be awesome if Allison turned into a wolf, her and Scott would be perfect for each other!


I have studyed the series very closely since the beginning and I have a few educated guesses for you. Allison won't die and niether will Scott. I believe Lydia will die and either Stiles or Allison will get changed into a werewolf. Also, I have a weird feeling that either the alpha or Kate will die. But it is very hard to make an educated guess with the very little information that the series and preview has given us obsessed watchers. But there will be a key death and someone will get changed. Something we won't be expecting to happen will.


i don't think jackson will get turned because the guy that plays him said in a interview that hes glad hes not a wolf because he played one in his previous show. i think lydia will be turned into one. i don't think it will be stiles because this show is all about twists


OMG! well in many of derek o'brian's interviews, he's said he would NEVER become a wolf! he might be lying but i doubt it.... as for the vet, he cant b the alpha cuz the director said theres only 2 alphas in the show(derek's sis[sarah i think] and peter hale). so he must be some protector guy, i guess lol. i think alison will bcome a wolf and so will jackson. and i (hope) Kate dies but i have a feeling the vet might 2....!


I think that either Lydia or jackson dies and either Lydia or stiles becomes a werewolf!! I love teen wolf!!!! :)))


i think jackson dies because hes not in the pic on the top of the page and litia turns into a wolf because look at her mouth in the pics


alisons dad dying makes sense, and i really can see that happening, but i think that that would cause a lot of anger and hate on alisons part and i couldn't see her forgiving scott, ever. it would be like derek and alison's aunt...


I think Lydia will turn and Alison's dad gets killed by the alpha while lookin for Derek cause lets face it....there's gotta b some twist in the plot that takes alison over to the side of the hunters and her dads an a**

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