The Good Wife Season 3 Promo: You Look Different...

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If you thought the new promotional photos for The Good Wife were hot...

CBS has released the first official trailer for season three of the CBS drama, which kicks off on September 25 and which will feature a new, confident Alicia Florrick. Eli makes note of that change in the following preview, while we're also reminded of how things are between Alicia and Peter and Alicia and Kalinda.

In two words: not good. Watch now.

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Oh! Lol! Look at all the cows whining over TheOldVet's comments. Hey, stop trying to assert moral relativity over The Horny Slut. It doesn't matter if Peter's cheated with 10 other women while bathing in the blood of Alicia's womb. Yes, makes him a criminal to the infinite degree. DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT SHE'S STILL A PRETENTIOUS TRAMP! You're simply debating vice vs. vice, which is a logical fallacy.


Gee, Very Old Vet, if you think Alicia is a "horny slut" for waiting for TWO YEARS (and until she was separated) to have sex with a man she's known for fifteen years and who has always loved her, what does that make PETER, who boinked hookers at least eighteen different times during their marriage, and also shtupped Kalinda too -- all while he was still a married man with a dutiful "good wife" waiting faithfully for him at home? "Horny slut" wouldn't begin to describe him. You're a total hypocrite, turning a blind eye to her rat of a husband tomcatting around on her, but holding her to some quaint definition of wifely duty and sacrifice. How very 1950s of you!


I'm rewatching the whole thing before season 3 starts, and all I can say is, so far, I'm totally with those who think Alicia did the right thing by throwing Peter out. I respect mariage and commitments and everything, but when a mariage has become such a sham ? Alicia has lived in an illusion during a good 10 years. Peter fell from the pedestal she put him on, and still she remained loyal, she supported him, she did what she could for his campaign. But Peter kept lying to her, fancying himself the goog guy, the honest state attorney, hero of the people, good father, able to become a good husband again, persuaded by his mother that he was wonderful and (oh, I liked that so much) that a man shouldn't appologise too much, or else he's weak... I agree to give second chances, and thirds, and fourths, but Peter wasted his. I think he's hopeless. And he can be grateful that Alicia is not the kind of bitter bitch that would try to take his kids away or ruin his carreer.
As for Will, he has loved Alicia for more than 15 years. She's certainly his greatest regret. So yes, he's tough, as a lawyer he's certainly a shark, he has even used her sometimes to win cases, but he never lied to her about what he really is, or what she can expect from him. She respects him but there's no risk of a pedestal here. And, with the exception of that moment during Peter's press conference where he asked Alicia to come with him, he never really tried to ruin her mariage, her family or her life. On the contrary, he respected her choices, tried to make things easier for her, moved on and saw other women...
When things are over, they're over, and I think she wasted enough time on her pathetic excuse for a husband. Time to move on. She doesn't owe Peter anything anymore. It's NOT cheating. If she wants to sleep with Will, so be it. If they're in love, all the better.




"The Good Wife" I think it is time to change the name to "The Horny Slut" No need to Lie about it..


@ John, thank you again for putting things the way they are! I truly don't understand people (especially women) who STILL seem to think Alicia should stay with Peter and/or who believe she cheated on him (ergo doing the same thing he did on her) with Will. UNBELIEVABLE! Alicia through Peter out, she told him they're over. That is a totally different situation. Apparently women who feel that Alicia should have stayed with Peter or waited untill she's officially divorced to be with Will do have little self-esteem.


He needs to be gone Will -- and the sooner the better. right, I'M crossing some "line" for you again and don't see the big picture, this show isn't about Peter it is about Alicia and how she can't get it together with all the pressures from your pal. The bottom line is she needs to step back and find a new position with another firm and a new life for her and the kids. All she is doing now is the same as what Peter did 2 yrs ago and it will destroy her selfesteem and reputation because of what she did in that hotel room that all will see and read about.


Oh right, I'M crossing some imaginary "line" for you -- but you're fine with Peter deliberately cheating on his devoted wife at least NINETEEN different times! For you, he's still a "keeper"?? Unbelievable. And you actually criticize Alicia for deciding she's had enough of his lies, and trying to find a man who will want to make her happy? You're putting blame in all the wrong places. If it turns out that Will has made some financial mistakes in his past, that still pales compared to Peter deciding to betray his faithful wife again and again, and corrupting his kids. Peter is a total scumball. He needs to be gone -- and the sooner the better.


J take a hike, I still owe you one don't ever cross the line or else again. You keep putting people down and have no idea what you are really saying. Some day you might open your eyes and see who the real slez is and I'm not talking about the show.
The REAL "slez" is Will. Mark these words for the ending.


If you think it was only the little curl that did it, you need to get your eyes checked. "The whole storyline needs to be changed to show what really shows what goes on in a bad marriage" Excuse me? They just spent the last TWO YEARS doing that, and Alicia has finally had enough of the lying cheating rat she married. "A third person in a marriage only causes conflict and bad blood between the husband and wife that will have everyone loosing." No, actually what CAUSED the conflict was the fact that sleazeball Peter could never keep it in his pants even while he was married to Alicia. It's high time she dumped the jerk. "I'm not really a Peter fan but for sure Will is totally a slez" Another person with a blind spot about Peter. Watch it all again, and pay attention this time. The REAL "slez" is Peter!

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Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

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