The Good Wife Season 3 Promo: You Look Different...

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If you thought the new promotional photos for The Good Wife were hot...

CBS has released the first official trailer for season three of the CBS drama, which kicks off on September 25 and which will feature a new, confident Alicia Florrick. Eli makes note of that change in the following preview, while we're also reminded of how things are between Alicia and Peter and Alicia and Kalinda.

In two words: not good. Watch now.

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Having a little curl on the front of her face doesn't make her a hot item, Don't Let the Name Fool You it shows that we are in for the same old again.
The whole storyline needs to be changed to show what really shows what goes on in a bad marriage and how to handle a people that try to take advantage of someone in conflict. A third person in a marriage only causes conflict and bad blood between the husband and wife that will have everyone loosing.
In this show Alicia should first get a divorce then a new job with another firm and start fresh, there is to manny people causing her to act with inmaturity to make decisions that only she can make.
I'm not really a Peter fan but for sure Will is totally a slez and would not trust him a far as I could throw him, she would end up in the same boat again. Mark my words.


Wow! They're really moving from mousy and betrayed housewife, through efficient but buttoned-down lawyer, all the way to smoldering sex bomb. I'm impressed. And she certainly has that "well-laid" look! Will must be great in bed. I thought he probably would be. And good riddance to that lying cheating rat she made the mistake of marrying. Divorce the bum already! Now that they've added the tagline "Don't Let the Name Fool You", they may even attract guys who thought it sounded boring, and they might lose the women who thought it should all be about Alicia being Peter's passive doormat. No loss there at all!


willlll and alicia! she looks different because of the will effect and the hopefullness of getting over peter!!!!!!




Who sings on the trailer... it's the best cover I've heard so far of that song!


The good wife is the best show on television! I should have more viewers than it does. Great writing...great actors...millions should try it an they love it! It's more than a dry legal black and white drama. The grey areas are what make this show worth watching. You never know what you'd do if you were trully walked a mile in Alicia's shoes! My favorite line from this show is when Kalinda asks Alicia why she stayed with Peter after the scandal. Her simple and understandable answer.... "I was unprepared"

Leigh r

Alicia looks great. Excited for this season!

Uncle jackass

I always get a eerily sense that Peter always knows more than Alicia thinks he does. Who knows he might have already video taped what happened in the hotel; just by hiring someone to tail her. Can't wait for this season!!

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