The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: Ripped Off

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Stupid promos! Always deceiving. The line about love and life that Brian said in this trailer was taken from letters written to his mother, not anything he uttered to Chloe. Don't you hate when that happens?

A Big Sniff

Instead, our opening featured Alek and Chloe, and he gave her roses. I keep wanting to think of him as a bad boy, but he really hasn't done anything to deserve that description. He's an all-new kind of guy, a snarky, sassy and daring dude with good intentions and the actions to match. Confusing!

Frank's daughter, Vanessa, joined Meredith, Frank and Chloe for dinner and she seemed like a bit of a dud. It kind of made me feel sorry for Frank. Watching Meredith and Chloe's great relationship must have made him feel kind of ripped off. But it was a pretty cool trick Chloe used that got her to open up about her boyfriend so they could talk.

Too bad for Chloe that their chat came back to bite her in the butt. Vanessa ran away from home, making Chloe feel guilty and obligated to help. From what I could tell, she and Vanessa were fairly close in age, but their level of maturity was miles apart. 

I absolutely loved that Alek went to Paul for advice on Chloe, and loved even more the questions Paul asked him in exchange for answers about Chloe. Paul and Amy need more screen time. If I haven't said it before, the cast of Chloe King fits together seamlessly. Their magic has made the show enjoyable.

Overall, this felt like a filler episode. The promos were misleading, and while I enjoyed the small developments between Alek and Chloe, there wasn't much more to it than that to move the story forward.

The worst part was Jasmine being used. That was unacceptable and unnecessary. Rezzer could have had his son followed and gotten more information. It also ended Meredith's relationship with Frank, which I found quite enjoyable.

While we wait anxiously for word on Season 2, was this really the time for filler? I didn't think so. What did you think? Happy or left wanting? The latter for me, with one exception. The kiss. Was that enough to save "Responsible" in your eyes?


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Make a second season now!!! Even though its been a while after the first one, you still need to finish it off. 2 more seasons just like the books! They shouldnt have ended it like they did if they werent going to make another season!!!!!


put the show back on


They have to have a second season I luuuv this show. I've watch every episode atleast 20 times. Lol


I need this show to come back for a season 2 it's the best show I have EVR watched I loveee alek!! If they dnt have a 2nd season I'm going to die..they can't just leave us hanging like that it's wrong! It's been sooooo long since season 1 I've been watching them over and over again...please..bring it back....


Please,a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love tne nine lives of chloe king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's not very nice to get us hooked on a great series and the totally leaves us hanging-by canceling the show!!!
Seriously, this really pisses me off!! Tara


Plss make season 2 of nine lives of chloe king... It's really amazing...Im so excited about chloe and alek..I really really like this show!!!! Pls have a season 2...


i just recently started watching The nines lives of chloe king, and it was AMAZING!!! i was on the last episode, when i stared to research about the second find there isnt one!!! im so devasated rightt noww:(((((((((( I dont get why they cancelled it, when it was such a BIG hit!? ABC sucks for cancelling it!!


Was disappointed there was no season two.


i just found the show on my netflix and i abso LOVE it it has love pasion violence but not too much gymnastics really cute boys accentsw lol mysterious dads and deadly kisses if the show end my mind wont be able to handle it like why end with the plot still thickining and many ends undone come on and put it backl on the air or your gonna have many angry viewers

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