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After agreeing to start over, Alek gives Chloe flowers and asks if she is finished with her human, Brian.

Meredith prepares to meet Frank's daughter, Vanessa.

Brian shares what he found of his mother's in the storage unit with Chloe.

Jasmine has a date.

Alek goes to Paul for Chloe dating advice.

Chloe helps save Vanessa from a very dire situation.

Rezzer learns more about the Mai than he deserves to know.

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alec how i love the. never ebd


Chloe and alek look really good together.


wow!!!!! are the insane rumers of the show being canceled after the first season true!!! that sucks i love this show and go team alec im mean how can you not love this show !! his hot body and british accent is irresitible!!!!


This show is the best!! It is my TV Obsession! Please keep the articles coming. Go Team Alek!!!!

The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

If there's someone out there that makes you feel like that, then you should tell them how you feel.


Careful. The more beautiful things are, the more prickly they can be.