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True Blood "Spellbound" Clips: Who Joins Team Antonia?

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A couple sales pitches will be made on True Blood this Sunday.

First, Antonia will try to recruit Tara to her side. Considering all she's been through with the supernatural, will it really be that difficult to get her to finally take an aggressive stance against vampires?

Then, Bill will try to smooth things over between his kind and the humans. It might involve a bit of glamouring, but whatever gets the job done! Check out these two sneak peeks at "Spellbound" now.

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or maybe she's not


Tara is awesome


well done bill. you've from being an annoying character to spectacularly annoying in the space of a minute.


Go Tara!


No surprise..but since only a single vampire burned obviously Jessica does not burn in the sun.


All hail King Bill, who sounds like a mattress company, with his mesmerizing eyes!!

True Blood Quotes

Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.


Pull over...pleeeease.


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