Who Will Serve as an Escort on 90210?

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According to the official preview for season 4 of 90210, Annie might have a long-term future with Liam. Just look at what he appears to ask her in this video.

But, in the short term, we now know what the future holds for Annie Wilson - and it's nothing we would have predicted. According to Michael Ausiello, this recent high school graduate will become... a professional escort?!?

Liam & Annie

No other details regarding the reasons behind this move have been revealed, but it does have our interest piqued. Which is more than we can usually say for storylines involving Annie.

As for what other 90210 characters will be up to on season four, which premieres on September 13?

  • Naomi will be attending college.
  • Navid will be living with Silver after his parents leave for Switzerland and running his father's production company.
  • Dixon will be in the music business.
  • Liam will own a bar.
  • Adrianna will be doing all she can be make up for being an awful human being on season three.

@ Nikki: I agree with you. I'm sick of all this sexist nonsense that Ade needs a man in order to be likeable and redeemable.


Why does she have to fall in love to be rootable? That's what I don't get. Look, I'm going to enjoy the Liam/Adrianna we're going to get, but falling in love doesn't make her a better person. She needs to get her act together after Rebecca punched her character in the face, and she can definitely do that as a friend.


Well these writers job are to write to the story that they were left. They were left to clean up the past writer's mistakes. Adrianna is unredeemable, that's not to say that people will not let her back in thier lives. She's a disaster, I don't know if it's Dixon or Liam that will make her rootable. I think the guy I go with is Dixon, because he can be her 2nd chance at love and becoming stable, more human than what we saw season 3. Liam that just invites more issues her character doesn't need right now, b/c he'll never love her. Someone new has no connections and doesn't solve her own issues and will have fans just tuning off b/c they'll feel this is a prop show and that's the only reason certain character is there. Would Adrianna and Dixon be rootable? And I can't help to think if it's Dixon, how does Silver react to this. I'd tune to see this b/c Adrianna wouldn't be in the wrong for the first time and the tables would be turned in her favor. Also Navid wouldn't like this.


What I find even more annoying was that Naomi HATED Annie for going out with Ethan, yet, Silver kissed Ethan and debated whether or not to choose between Dixon and Ethan, but Naomi was cool with it what was going on between them.


@ Spindae: the writers probably just want us to root for Silver because she's Kelly Taylor's little sister. Ironically, that's part of the reason why I DON'T root for her.


I agree it was really stupid when everyone hated Annie for "sleeping with Liam" in season 1 finale and no one said anything to silver ! Nо backup! Bad writing!


I don't expect Silver and Ade to become friends again, nor do I want them to. I wouldn't forgive someone for tampering with my meds, nor would I forgive someone for having an affair with the love of my life.


I actually agree with you 100% Mark DeFields. Adrianna is an excellent character and she is redeemable. For others to think otherwise are just completely ignorant. No offense.


I don't see why everyone thinks it's impossible for Ade to redeem herself. It's not like she's a cold-blooded killer. I respect Ade just for trying to become a better person. Tell me something, TV Fanatic Staff. When Dixon starts struggling with drugs and the music industry, who do you think will end up saving the day?


I loved Ades character in the first 2 seasons. Her character had a path a really rough path and she really was going in a great direction! And she started well in season 3 but the end of season 3 when she messed with Silver was just stupid! That was a really big step over the line! And that isn't something that you ever forget!
For redemption I wouldn't forgive her! and when I watched the final of season 3 And she was going for suicide I thought Yes a great way for her to go and conclude her storyline! But you always need a bad boy/girl, and her going to crap from the start is really great!
So I think they will find a good way out! And I hope she will not end up with Dixon! She needs someone new!

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