Will Chuck and Blair Get Back Together on Gossip Girl?

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Are Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck back on?

It's too soon to tell, obviously, but we'd hold off on ordering anything off the wedding registry. If the palpable chemistry between the star-crossed couple in the photo below is any indication, Prince Louis indeed has reason to worry ...

A Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Picture

This photo was taken during a Gossip Girl shoot in New York on Tuesday. It's unclear what scene was being filmed, but what is clear is that Chair is far from over.

The last two seasons have ended on a bitter note for fans of the pair.

Season 3 brought them within minutes of happily ever after, only to have B arrive late, and C ruin everything by sleeping with she-who-must-not-be-named.

Season 4 saw Chuck make a last ditch effort to woo Blair away from her prince, only to pull a 180 and give the couple his blessing at the concluding moments.

What does Season 5 have in store? You tell us in the comments!

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They can make it seem like Blair and Chuck won't have any feature, but in the end of the day, they are ment for each other. Not Dan or Louis should be with her! They could never make her as happy as she will be with Chuck.
For the other couples..
- Dan and Serena.
- Nate and Jenny - i know a lot of people don't like them together, and i don't think they will be, but i love them!


Well I think you are right.
Everytime I see Dan and Blair together makes me feel unhappy.What I mean is that Dan and Blair shouldn't be together, that doesn't look good. Blair and Chuck should be together after the things they have survived together. They look so cute together and a lot of people want to see them together again. But what I really want to see is a happy end and that only works with Blair and Chuck and of course not with Dan and Blair!!!!


Anyone see the most recent episode? DAN AND BLAIR! I hate it, I love Chuck and Blair. Blair is toying around with 3 different guys and ruining friendships along the way. WHY CANT HER AND CHUCK BE TOGETHER!


Season 5 episode 11 is so scary! Chuck almost dies! :o
Thank god he doesn't!


I am so freakin happy! Chuck and Blair get back together in season 5 episode 10!


Is there a baby bump behind that purse, and is that why they are both smiling?


I totally agree with Cedric and Melissa. Off and on relationship with same plot makes the storyline boring. I believe that the writers are pro C&B. Sure, they'll be an endgame. But for the meantime, they could atleast try to work things out with D&B especially when everything is still in a bizarre form.


@Cedric I actually agree with you that the repetitive on-again-off-again dynamic needs to be laid to rest. And I don't think most viewers want to see more of the dark, painful melodrama that's taken up most of the last year and a half. I think the finale, which usually foreshadows the next season, showed that the writers intend to go with a lighter vibe in S5. That being said, none of that makes me want Dair to happen romantically. I like their interactions as snarky friends, and I think their scenes are funny, but nothing about that says romance to me. Aside from the lack of chemistry, it would ruin too many of the other important relationships on the show. I don't want to see S and B fighting over a boy, and I don't want to see C lose yet another person he loves to D.


I think the couples for Gossip Girl should be: Blair & Chuck Nate & Serena Dan & Vanessa Its too weird if Dan and Serena are together as they are step siblings, Blair and Chuck are perfect for each other as are Nate and Vanessa. And Louis can say Au Revoir!


I think that Blair should be pregnant with Chuck's baby and then they can live together happily ever after...and Louis can be with someone else. Blair and Chuck are meant to be together. I hope this picture is more than just a hello!!!

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