90210 Episode Teaser: In a Rush...

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So... Naomi is NOT pregnant and Annie is NOT marrying Liam. We learned both these facts on the season four premiere of 90210.

But what are these young women doing? On next Tuesday's new episode, they are rushing a sorority. What else can you expect to do own on the aptly-titled "Rush Hour," which is previewed in the video below?

  • Annie learns a secret about Jeremy.
  • Liam is visited by someone from Alaska.
  • Navid and Silver are forced to ask Adrianna for help.
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Liam is kissing someone else, NOT Naomi.


naomi and liam again, srsly


noooo! liam is kissin with another girl!!!!!!!!!!


"My sister's been kidnapped!" Congratulations, Navid. You've become just as overdramatic as Silver.


Regardless of a promo, I look forward to next week! :D


Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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