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I started out wanting to hate this week's episode of 90210... but as it moved along "Rush Hour" grew on me. Maybe because nothing was really what it seemed and it got meaner as the hour went by.

Naomi and a Pig

I still didn't believe that an 18-year-old was running a bar, but Liam getting involved with an older Alaskan woman and feeling torn apart about causing the woman's husband's death was unexpected. It sure doesn't sound like we're treading in teenage angst anymore.
Jane seemed a whole lot older than Liam and I got a babysitter vibe from her but, hey, if it'll help the kid grow up, the writers should go to town with this storyline. Let Liam work through his demons.

Elsewhere, Naomi's hazing was mild compared to what actually goes on in a sorority, yet how could you not love Faulkner? Nothing like dinner with a farm animal to put a princess in her place.

I knew Austin was up to no good when he recommended that Naomi play Rossini at dinner. And Holly getting her revenge on Naomi for outbidding her on the Taj Mahal was perfect. That sorority president bee-yotch was hinky from the get go.

I couldn't have cared less that Navid's sister was kidnapped and, like Silver, knew all along it was a hoax. I liked the way Navid protected Leila, though.

But, seriously, what's up with Navid's hair? Are we supposed to believe that just because he got a side part he's got it all under control? The skanky tattoo guy shaking Navid down for $75K wasn't buying it and neither was I. And Navid's skeevy uncle should be interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

Annie needed to keep her trap shut because that Jeremy guy was creepy from the start. First of all, the dude looked to be about 33. And had accountant written all over him. So it was no surprise that he was hooked up with the whole Marla inheritance plot. Poor Annie, can't catch a break.

It appears that we'll soon have another junkie on our hands now that good ole country boy Austin introduced Dixon to his ADD meds. A tweaked out hip-hop producer with an ego to match Kanye West's. Fantastic.

And speaking of junkies, Adrianna was desperate to get back into Silver's good graces. And everyone else's it seemed. Laying it on thick trying to make pancakes, potpourring up Dixon's pad, then solving the mystery of where Leila was being "held captive," I thought it was funny how Austin just wanted her out. She had a few words of wisdom that Liam took to heart but other than that, she seemed adrift in this week's episode.

Revenge, redemption and revulsion. Nothing but good times ahead on 90210.


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Predicted every storyline! Naomi's at least entertaining. Adrianna is entertaining when she's not a caricature like last season. The actress playing Jane isn't good. She's always the same. I'll excuse Naomi for trusting Holly but Annie is really dumb for telling an acquaintance about her inheritance. Dixon gets lame storylines or dumb storylines. Austin takes ADHD pills and is fine but Dixon will get addicted. Lame!


am i the only one who cannot STAND Austin?!? Seriously, the guy pisses me off!!! where was Ivy, Raj, and Teddy in this episode?!?! Who didnt see that sorority girl being a bitch? i didnt know her motive but i could tell she was up to no good! as for Annie... i feel bad for that girl. she never gets a break from horrible people!!


I really want to know the last song too! I searched the lyrics but nothing came up.. let me know if you find it


i was very disappointed with the episode. and i have to say that none of the storylines and turns were surprising. 90210 is just too obvious about everything, it's too easy to guess where the storylines are headed. i don't know how many times i rolled my eyes...
also, the acting was really really bad, as if they stopped trying.
and what's with silver talking about leila's teenage crush as if it was a joke (ok it is) when silver herself is only one year older? she's pretending to be all grown up now, i usually like her a lot, but this is just annoying :(
i hope the episodes will get better, i enjoyed the other seasons so much, but the last two episodes were more like a waste of time.


I can't wait to see what Naomi has in store for Holly. With Annie on the inside, it should certainly be fun to watch Naomi get her revenge.


Silver's useless. NavAde's better than Nilver, and Dixianna's better than Sixon. I pity whichever guy ends up being endgame with her.


What's the last song they played on this episode I can't find it anywhere help!


Truth: I don't know how much of this season I will be watching. While watching Naomi having to go through pledge week was SO funny I'm still waiting for things to get interesting. Then my man Dixon finally gets a story line he's going to be addicted to prescription meds????? Come on guys!!! I will say this I would like to see him and Ade get together. I'll be watching the next few episodes. I LOVED the other seasons and I'm hoping the slow start ended last night.


janes looks like a brunette alicia silverstone. i hope ade and dixon get together.


I know Dixon was going to be the one with a drug problem, leading him and Adrianna to be the real addixon in the end, as she helps him through it in the end. I'm really enjoying both Dixon and Adrianna a lot this season.
As for Naomi, I hope she beats that bitch Holly ass with her power of manipulation and such.
As for Annie, she should have been smart enough not go tell a complete stranger about her inheritance. For all she knew, the guy was actually a gold digger. She really has bad vibes when it comes to guys. Jasper ring a bell?
Silver and Navid still bore me as a couple, I love Silver, but not Navid. So as a couple it puts me off them. As for his sister and the guy, if that had turned into a storyline, it would have been ridiculous, as I wouldn't have bought into it so spontaneously when the guy was never mentioned as a "reason to stay" in episode one.
As for Liam, I hope this Jane woman does help him grow further as an adult. As much as I enjoy the whole "bad boy" character, it's time to grow up from the "I'm damaged" scene.
On a separate note, I'm used to the fact of not seeing Teddy as much, however, it doesn't excuse Ivy (and Raj) being absent. I can't stand the girl as much, but this is a real chance to show character development on her part.

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