90210 Scoop: Is It Really Over for Liam and Annie?!?

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She turned down his proposal and he was caught sleeping with another woman on "Greek Tragedy." So it really is over between Annie and Liam on 90210, right?

Yes, Matt Lanter confirms in a new interview: “This is the most official we’ve seen them split up. We’re filming episode 8 or 9, and there’s no sign of them yet getting back together."

Liam does have plenty to worry about his new girlfriend... who is pregnant with a dead man's child.

"We’re going to see him accept the responsibility and then struggle with it," Lanter tells EW. "He’s not going to be able to support it - both emotionally and financially. So even though he makes some choices, he still struggles. He’s still a young kid.”

The actor does come right out and say Liam and Jane are "not in it for the long haul," so look for the character to be single once again - and also to spend a lot of time with Teddy. As much time as he can, that is. Confirming another rumor, Lanter concludes:

"I wish we could develop their friendship a lot more, but Teddy’s not going to be around much longer.”


they should make it like this:
annie is kissing an escourt and liam sees all of it and he goes up to her and kisses her in a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think that the show will go down if annie and liam aren't together and plus the only reason i warch 90210 is because of liam and annie. liam has been with alot of girls but i thought that annie was right for him. i love liam


i only watched 90210 cause Annie and Liam together so now they're not i cant be bothered to watch it anymore


God you writers suck! My favorite elements of the show --- Liam and Annie, Naomi and Max, Teddy. Now all of it is gone. Just keep it up and before you know it , this show will be gone as well.


m a Lannie fan all the way n i do think the writers suck for breaking them up! They need to bring them back together soon or m done as lannie was the only reason i was watching the show

Sarah silva

That is too bad I like Lannie. So I have a feeling Annie will date a guy she is an escort for as I have read that she gets involved with someone surprising and the lesbian storyline was done with Ade already. I also see Ade and Dixone getting together. I really hope Max ad Naomi stay together


This is so sad! They weren't even together for a long time :/
But I guess 90210 relationships never do. And even if they don't get back together, they should have scenes together regularly. Like Liam and Naomi haven't even had a proper conversation since they broke up! I hope this won't happen with Lannie and since the gang are all going to Vegas hopefully there will be something to see.


it better not be!! i really love them as a couple then naomi and max... looks like this season will be shaking it up a bit though. just hope they will get back tog soon!


omg lannie all the way i luv them ther the best thing about 90210 i so hope tht they get bak together xx


I want Annie back with Jasper, they were the best. I know Jasper was bit insane, but if they would meet again, I think of it as really sparkly meeting...

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.