90210 Sneak Peek: The Path to Redemption

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We've asked, and 90210 is attempting to answer this season: Can Adrianna be redeemed?

None of her former friends were willing to welcome her back with forgiving arms on the season four premiere, but might that change tonight? Based on the following sneak peek at "Rush Hour," an episode that centers on Naomi pledging a sorority, at least one individual starts to relate to Adrianna and her struggles.

See what we mean below, and then return to TV Fanatic after the installment airs for a detailed review:


Adrianna and Liam will make such a cute couple!!!!! Hope they end up together


Ade + Liam would be fantastic! way better than Annie + Liam


ade and liam need to hook up.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Adrianna's going to PWN this season. By mid-season, I just know she's going to do something epic.


1. It has been noted by Michael Ausiello, that there will be a male character this season who dabbles into drugs and becomes an addict.
2. I agree. I think he cheated and that's why this random "Jane" woman comes out of no where to tell him she loves him or some crap.


it seems like liam cheated on annie during his fishing boat job.....


@Dexter Idolizer
What "male character who will suffer from a drug addiction this season"?


Adrianna will be redeemed by EVERY character by the point of midseason. And by the time midseason is at it's peak, she'll be in a new relationship with Dixon or Liam. She'll get her groove on with her boss or the "male character who will suffer from a drug addiction this season".

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.