Alphas Review: "The Unusual Suspects"

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While it still doesn’t look like Alphas is entirely sure it knows what direction it wants to go in, at the very least, "The Unusual Suspects" was a really fun episode that did move things closer to a run in with Red Flag.

The hour really had me going. I honestly thought one of our Alphas was a mole and we were going to lose him or her, and sorry to all the Bill fans out there, he was one of the first people to cross my mind.

A Concerned Doctor

A serious commendation must be given to the writers for the wonderful long con they pulled on me. Never once did I actually think Rosen was (or could be) the mole. There’s a lot of implicit trust the audience puts into this doctor. There’s no way he was capable of hurting his team of Alphas, right? It would be like Zordon turning on The Power Rangers!

Yet the way that shape-shifter was able to seamlessly lessen suspicion on himself while casting it on everyone else was remarkable. I should have seen it coming because there was a pretty big physical clue in the Warehouse. Rosen would never be the type of person who would ever distance himself from his team like that, but that was exactly what he did. All while easily casting doubt on Cameron... to such a degree that he was able to convince Bill to take Cameron out.

Now, heading into the season finale, all I have are questions: What was in those files that Red Flag wanted so badly to delete? What happened to Bill? Will Gary ever get to the finish his tour of the auto show?


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I should have thought of an Alpha imposter but I figured there was a simpler explanation. I thought of one of them making a mistake, letting something out by mistake. I thought of Clay or a higher up as the culprit. I thought one of the team was being blackmailed. All of the Alphas had weak points in their interviews.


Must say am very impressed with the show. Up to now Rosetta has been my favourite episode. As someone said regarding last weeks episode it's great that our alphas abilities aren't way out there and usually have a physiological explanation, it almost feels like you or I could have these abilities - epic!!! I hope Syfy perserveres with a show that is now a comfortable second favourite for me after Fringe.


I don't know why you say: "it still doesn’t look like Alphas is entirely sure it knows what direction it wants to go in". I don't want every TV shows to be all formulatic. Alphas knows exactly what direction it's going with many fun, interesting and diverse type of episodes and great writings. It does a good job of mixing the episodes plots with the overall story arcs.

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