Big Brother 13 Finale: The Winner is ...

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Could Rachel Reilly do the impossible?

On the season finale of Big Brother 13, she seemed poised to. The enemy of the house for so long - multiple summers now - was about to complete the ultimate comeback. If she could win HoH, $500K would be hers.

Or would it?

Rachel Wins Big Brother

Not surprisingly, she ousted Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch in the first part of the final Head of Household battle, then bested the former in the final portion. Given the choice of who to bring to the jury, she chose ...

Porsche. Rachel liked her odds against this floater better, perhaps due to Adam's pure likability. Porsche had been the stronger competitor in recent weeks, no doubt earning her place in the finale. But winning it?

Surprisingly, she came close.

Kalia and Dani both voted for Porsche. Adam also voted for her, which was somewhat unexpected. But it mattered not. Rachel had Brendon, Jeff and Jordan all along, putting the decisive vote in the hands of Shelly.

She made the right decision in the end. Despite her misgivings about Rachel's personality, of which there are admittedly too many to count, Shelly gave her the half million. Porsche, $50,000 isn't a bad runner-up haul.

Jeff Schroeder picked up $25,000 as America's favorite houseguest, meanwhile, coming away with something after his early exit from a season he appeared on track to win at several points. Way to go, Jeff.

What do you think? Did the jury get it right? Are you happy Rachel won?

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Rachel defintely deserved it over Porsche. Porsche sucked since the first episode where she said she didn't want to tell anyone in the house she was a VIP hostess at a club because they would all be jealous and hate her. You're an idiot. Thank got Adam didn't go to the final two since he didn't deserve to win the $50k. I agree...he is the worst player in big brother history and doesn't even know it. Well, not until now when he has time to watch the episodes. He and Shelly couldn't win competitions at all!!


Rachel definitely deserved to win! I wish people would put aside her annoying antics with Brendon and realize that she actually was a FANTASTIC player this season. She said it all in her final speech, she was nominated FIVE times, won hoh FOUR times, won pov TWO times, and then won the final HOH, i mean come on that has to be some kind of record! Sure this game is just as much social as it is competitions, but she clearly played a solid social game if she managed to not be voted out after being on the block five times and she got enough votes to win in the end so that should count for something. im mad that daniele coudlnt put her personal feelings aside on rachel and actaully vote for the right player.


First of all,I think Rachel deserves the money more than porshe because she play the game since the 1st day.People got mad for everything in this show and I don't know why?This show is about lying,betraying,etc.The better you do,the greater posibility to win.She deserves the money no matter what she is going to do with it.


@Maheshfunky I agree completely. Jeff was awesome in his first season, but this time around he was so dumb and hypocritical that he was impossible to like. Why America didn't vote for Daniele I do not know. Of the three remaining at the end of this lackluster season, I'm glad Rachel won. That is difficult to say because of how much I have hated her in the past, but she was the only one both playing the game and winning comps consistently. Adam and Porsche's belief that they played is hilarious.


I'm glad Rachel won she deserved it and people who hated big brother this year ..... Don't watch it or even waist you're breath on commenting .


Rachel played the game well, but she didn't deserve to win. That money will be for more plastic surgery. What a waste! Thanks to Shelly who is scared of Jeff the bully.


Why are you judging on won big brother Rachel did deserve to win she played her hardest the whole game and porshe only stayed to play the game when she had to and rachel played the game since day 1 thank god she won it because if she didn't I would never watch BB again


Rachel won yes. She deserves it.


yeah this season was pretty bad, Danielle was definitly the strongest player and deserved the 25 grand, Not big bully Jeff, really do not see the appeal of him. And Shelly is an idiot, Porshe could have won! Oh well and Adam is delusional.


Too bad this was my last season of BB. This has got to be the most annoying show in history. Too many days to follow and too much inteference with the network to "set up" game play for the house guest. With bringing Brandon back and suddenly having a double play veto. Shame on you BB. Stay out of the game and watch like the rest of us.

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